Carnivore Dreams – Under the Weather

I keep hoping and waiting for this rainbow, but the truth is I’ve been feeling poorly for a good two-three weeks.  Longer, but that’s how long it’s been really bad.   Gastritis and headaches that I can’t seem to escape.  Back pain as well.  Abdominal pain moves from right to left and up and down and I know my stomach and esophagus are inflamed (since I’ve had endoscopy in the past during times of inflammation). So it seems like gastritis or maybe a mild version of Crohn’s that has never been diagnosed since even my mouth can get sore.  But the truth is, it’s been a real struggle the last month to take care of my dad and if my husband weren’t here, I’m not sure I could do it at all.

But also in the past these stomach things always pass–seem related to seasonal allergies sometimes and no question the stress is adding to it all.  So I was hoping to avoid all these tests yet again.  I’ve had recent blood work which was fine.  And I have a couple orders for MRI’s to check my upper back and neck which can be weak points.

I am a big exerciser and believer in it to manage stress and everything else, but I felt I needed rest.  Since that seems to have only improved things slightly, I’ll try for a bit of sun here, take my beans outside to harden a bit since I want to plant those tomorrow, maybe a few easy minutes on the bike.  See how that goes.

I haven’t been perfect on my carnivore diet partly because I wanted to try different things, but nothing has worked–I still seem to feel the best on fewer carbs and low fiber.

But today I will try to transplant my green beans.  They do not like to be transplanted and they have gotten too big so I am not hopeful and if I wait any longer, I’m doomed for sure.  So in they will go.  Not to mention they are climbers.  So will hope for the very best.

Maybe I’ll get lucky, but doubt it.


10 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Under the Weather

  1. I hope you feel better soon, it isn’t a good time to be feeling under the weather with all the stress in the world right now. I hope things are easing where you are too, I have been more and more concerned over the lockdown regarding the economy recently and when I watch podcasts I think of you (I am not sure if you saw the podcast I linked in my comment on my post lol) as it seems like there is another danger to all of us by shutting down so many businesses for so long. I am trying to see both sides of it as best I can haha.

    I thought I would drop by and see how you’re doing 🙂

    I hope you have a great week.

  2. Hi Sam–thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry you saw THAT post, though. Yes, I am feeling better slowly. No, I didn’t see your podcast — do you have a link? But yeah, there is going to be as much harm coming from closing this down. We have to do the best we can and live with it. Shutting down costs lives and not just livelihoods. Domestic abuse and suicides are real concerns over time. And there is the psychological price to pay for young people. Old and people have to isolate no matter what. I am optimistic about therapeutics. That is really the answer because vaccines are not 100% effective no matter what, so the treatments are the real key and I think they will figure out how to lessen the effects of this. But thanks for thinking of me and stopping by! I felt bad for yelling on your site!

    1. I’ve been struggling. I suppose I am going to have to see some doctors soon — I do have some MRI’s scheduled first, but may have to see a gastro guy. I hate that kind of thing. But thanks for thinking of me.

      1. Thanks, Kate! And hugs your way as well. I think I’m ok. Had to go to the ER just to get a doctor referral up here to a gastro guy–nobody is seeing anyone. And an MRI next week on the back. Strange times. But at least my gall bladder looked ok and my blood work was good. She thinks ulcer or gastritis and more ulcer meds. Usually I get it settled down with diet, but might have to do the scope thing again! My daughter and grandson come Saturday, though, and that will make me feel better for sure!! I can’t wait to see them.

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