Carnivore Dreams – Holiday

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I hope it’s a great weekend for you all.  I make headway on my back and stomach issues — I’ve been here a year taking care of my dad and have no doctors up here!  So I had to go to emergency because no gastro guys would see me.  My downstate doctor ordered the MRI’s for my back, so those will be done next week. And now I’ll get a referral to a gastro guy.  Yuck.  But my bloodwork was good and the ultrasound was ok as well.  So they added another ulcer med in the meantime.

I have to figure out how to navigate this stress since it is at least aggravating this if not causing it outright.  I am not for these ulcer meds, but short term might be necessary.  Get me on the right path.

My daughter and son-in-law and my little grandson JM come to see me Saturday and that will make me smile.

JM and Cauldron2

Here we are at Halloween.  I need to get some more pictures of him loaded into WordPress this weekend.  He has a new paddling pool out there that will keep the fellow busy.

Some rain in the forecast unfortunately, but the temps are warming here finally.

End of Deadfall story coming up–I can’t believe I got side-tracked with this pain and didn’t post it — sorry folks.

Happy Friday.  Enjoy yourselves with family and have faith — remember this country is good and will be again. Breathe the good air — here in northern Michigan it’s been clean and clear.  Some restaurants will re-open, though we personally are not candidates for them with high risk folks here — not yet.

But we’ll smoke a pork roast for some tacos and do some rare tuna with wasabi and pickled ginger.  Some nice breakfasts.


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