Carnivore Dreams – Therapeutics and my ulcer

woman having painful cramps
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This is  a great article and it goes into all these studies for therapeutics.  I was surprised how many of them there are.  It talks about vitamin C and hyperbaric oxygen therapy that Dr. Mercola talks about.  Yet the L.A. Times, despite this interesting article, has called Dr. Mercola fake news.  They are always trying to censor him because he is not for all vaccines. Nuts.
But at any rate, this is a really comprehensive article AND they list Pepcid (famotidine) as one of the potential drugs.  Interestingly, it’s an antihistamine– drugs I often need because of my allergies/auto immune issues– and it’s the drug they just added to my ulcer meds last night when I went to the hospital (which I did because no gastro guys will see you until you get into this system–my doctors are all downstate– and they said I had to).
This is the kind of thing I think will ultimately get our freedom back–not the vaccine.  That may end up helping some but we all know how controversial that will be and it’s being necessarily rushed– it’s the treatments that have to work.  Because a vaccine won’t be 100% effective, that’s a given.  So for older people to get a comfort level, this is the kind of thing we need!
I didn’t sleep the best, am in so much pain and nauseous, but am hoping this new medication will help me.  I see some fasting can help gastritis sometimes.  Maybe I should give that another try until tomorrow night.
Happy Friday and Memorial Weekend–may not post until Tuesday, but hope to report in with great food pictures and a good medication outcome!

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