Carnivore Dreams – Despair

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We have one house left to sell that we’ve owned for 20 years.  We rented it for years which the neighbors (and even we) were not always happy about since it’s hard to get decent renters.  Now we’ve fixed the house up.  We’ve fumigated, redone hardwood floors, put in a whole new bathroom, granite in kitchen, new kitchen floor and the little historic house in nice now.  Two bedrooms, upstairs laundry.

We had an offer on the house, deposit down, all signed, and just like the neighbor did to our renters, he came over and told them how awful the house was, said it was full of mold and all this — and they backed out of the deal.  And of course he will continue to do this.  It makes no sense since someone new buying the house will be keeping it up nicely.  He’s doing it to get back at us I presume and maybe because he prefers the house empty.  It’s hard to say.

It’s one of the last affordable houses in a very nice area.

But our retirement depends on selling this last house.  We are going to have to get lawyers and sue this guy which we cannot afford.  It’s hard to express the helplessness and anger we are feeling right now.  So many stressful things in our lives right now and now this.  Not sure if my husband will get back to work.  The worry and work of caring for my 88-year old father with Parkinsons, heart disease, COPD.

I’ve been to the emergency to get drugs for my stomach and possibly follow up tests and an MRI on my back this week a couple hours away.

But a week from today we go up to our camp/home for six days.  My brother will come to stay with my dad.  There will be a lot of work to do up there, but it will be peaceful.  Black flies and mosquitoes will be bad, though, but we’ll get along.  We will take groceries and all.

But now I’m not very excited about much since it seems there is no way out of this.  I’ll blog when I can.  My work?  Maybe it can save me.

My daughter and son-in=law and grandson just left after my daughter played taps at 3 p.m. in our front yard on her trumpet.  That was nice.

8 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Despair

  1. Can you write this guy a letter telling him of your situation – saying you do t want lawyers involved and that you just need to sell the house – can he have a conversation if it is a grudge – get over whatever it is? I know some people are just mad and can’t be dealt with but sometimes it is that opening of a conversation that can heal something. It’s just such an awful thing to do to you Lynn.

    1. I think he doesn’t like my husband who used to be mayor of our town there. I thought about that, actually. I wonder…. ________________________________

  2. I just typed up a letter. Will think about it and read it again in the morning, but it seems worth a shot before we resort to legalities. The renters through the years have often been a pain, even to us, but now the house has been fixed up and people buying it will care about it — so it’s incomprehensible why he’s doing this. And so upsetting because I’m sure he’ll keep doing it.

  3. I hope your troubles do get resolved. It’s so unfair what this guy is doing. Maybe talking it out would help like asking him directly what the issue is. I hope you’re feeling better now – your stomach and back. Enjoy the break that you’ll get and try not to worry Lynn❤

    1. Thanks, Smitha. Our realtor talked to the guy. We are not sure if it will work or not, but he seemed to think he got through to him. So we’ll try again. We’ll do a bit of light staging and when the lock-down in MI ends, they will have an open house. I did write a letter, but the realtor wanted to handle it for now. I appreciate all the good thoughts. I have an MRI tomorrow for my back. Will start there and a CT scan in a week or so. Hopefully nothing bad turns up and it all settles down!

  4. Sorry your having such a tough time. Your realtor is correct. Let them handle everything. I’m sure your experience isn’t their first experience. They’ll know what to do. Just think of the end result and how happy y’all will be when the house is finally sold.
    Stay strong!

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