Carnivore Dreams – Soon


Einstein’s thought for the day.

I’ve been working on a comment regarding the latest controversy over race and basic human interaction.  It’s coming.

In the meantime, it’s a lovely day here in Elk Rapids, 83 today. I have gardening and house cleaning to do, a dog to walk soon, and a headache to vanquish.

Last night I spent a good while in the hot tub trying to alleviate pain from a benign hemangioma tumor in my spine.  They are vascular.  I’ve had trouble with my upper/mid back for years and this is apparently why.  Most people have trouble with their lower backs.  I think this tumor is also responsible for my many headaches, either because it affects spinal fluid (and I have a few cysts in my sacrum area that can do that as well) or because of the tension in my shoulders as a result of the thing and the pain.  I’m seeing a neurosurgeon to get information soon, but I doubt highly I’ll be letting people operate on my back since doing so can weaken the spinal column (cement and screws and stuff?–I don’t think so).

So it’s likely that getting back on my good diet will help and some adjustments in exercise.  No gardening and not cleaning the house are not in the cards, but I can adjust some other exercises — yoga strength rather than some of the full body upper body strength exercises that obviously aggravate it.  No raking leaves.  We did have someone help clean house but haven’t had her come since the virus–she will resume sometime soon.

So I’m sipping coffee, looking out the french doors at a lovely morning.  Dad is having coffee and I’ll make him just an English muffin and fruit today — some peanut butter — yesterday he had shirred eggs — his favorite — and bacon and English muffins.  He eats pretty well.

I’ll make him some chicken fajitas tonight with roasted peppers and onions, lots of garden cilantro, low carb shells.  Mama Lupe’s — they are the best even if you weren’t doing low carb.  I may fast or have a bit of chicken or leftover hamburgers.  I’ve been sipping on cokes for weeks because it settles my stomach but the fructose is not helping my overall health.

We sold our tiny rv.  And traded in our huge 5th wheel for a mid-sized Lance trailer.  A really nice unit, top quality, and over a hundred dollars less going out.  Someday we’ll travel.  We think we have a rental house sold finally and that will enable us to adjust some finances in case we have tougher times ahead.  Keep a good thought.

I’m reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Living (I think it’s called–it’s on my kindle, so I don’t have the book right in front of me–gees as a writer I resist the kindle thing, the replacement for a good tactile book in your hand–yet I find myself using it to save a few dollars and to get the words into my hands faster–but I usually still order the hard copies of things.  There just is no substitute for the look and smell of a real book in your hands–not to mention the idea of my words floating around in the ether fills me with panic).  It’s interesting to hear someone talk who still believes in old fashioned responsibility for ones life.  He’s managed to not get fired from his teaching job in Toronto — I forget which university right now.  More soon on that.

But tomorrow or Sunday I’ll post about my facebook exchange between old friends (one of them a friend of 25 years who is black and waded into our facebook fiasco).  It’s taken some time to formulate this post, framing the situation properly, but his thoughts will be worth waiting for.

Happy Friday.  How goes the battle?  Diet?  Dreams?  Social interaction?  Virus?  Life returning to normal?  Thoughts for our Friday?


8 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Soon

  1. I’ve been a big fan of Jordan Peterson for three years and have read his book ’12 rules for life’. I have also watched many of his YouTube videos and particularly like his videos on the bible. He comes at it from a mainly secular perspective and has some interesting ideas. What I most admire about him is that he has suffered from life long depression and despite this has moved forward to become the celebrity is today. Nice post, Lynn. Enjoyed learning more about you. Happy travels with your trailer.

  2. Thanks, Len. I first ran across Jordan when I saw him interviewed on Joe Rogan in regards to the Carnivore diet which I mostly adhere to. He says that has really helped with his depression. I wonder if he’s still having success that way. Same with his daughter.

    1. Yes. He’s been going through a rough patch, with his wife’s cancer and trying to ween himself from his antidepressant medication. He’s been quiet lately. I presume he’s working on his next book. Probably missed his publisher’s deadline working on his health issues. Be interesting to hear if part of his cure is diet change.

  3. Yeah, I think his wife was on that diet, too. Not sure if her cancer is related. I am convinced Carnivore is great for heart things, but not 100% sure on cancer issues. Maybe with intermittent fasting. Of course, I eat grass fed beef and organic. I don’t think they do at least Mikhaila didn’t. Fats are different in that. So it will be interesting to see how they are doing. I haven’t looked up Mikhaila lately either.

  4. Not nosy at all. 🙂 Cysts in the sacrum (down by the tailbone) are not all that rare and they say asymptomatic usually. though they can mess with your spinal fluid pressure somehow. Which is what they say about the hemangioma tumor in my spine-asymptomatic usually. Those are pretty rare. They get symptomatic when they protrude into the “posterior element” whatever that means. So it really bothers me when I work and all. But just got out of the hot tub and put the jets on it. That feels good while I’m in there at least!

  5. I’m doing a little better! The tumor thing responds a bit to my hot tub and my stomach is settling mostly after the antibiotic — could have been diverticulitis! I need to make some adjustments in exercise and I definitely need to do better with the stress. Big issue there. Yoga is definitely in the plan! Thanks for the kind thoughts!

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