Carnivore Dreams – Wordless

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Worm holes, black holes leading to alternate universes and some kind of alternate possibilities.  No life on Mars or the Moon, so Time and Einstein’s physics may be our only mode of escape.


It’s such a sad time in my life right now.  A life long family friend of ours and particularly of my mom and dad’s died a week ago.  My best friend (and sister-in-law) from high school–in ICU fighting for her life.  My nephew heartbroken over it as we all are.  My dad — almost 89, Parkinson’s, heart problems, COPD — emotionally hard baggage for him to negotiate as his world closes in on him.  He wants to attend Audrey’s funeral which is against my better judgment, but we’ll try to get him there July 12th.

The whole world seems to be tilting in chaos.

And I find it hard to come up even with those words.  Which is why I’ve been absent.  Yet here they come.

I was working on a hopeful beautiful post written by a writer friend of mine who happens to be black, but that has to wait.

Because the whole world mourns.

It’s gray and rainy and even chilly as I look out my french doors which is ok since it matches my mood.  We are such awful excuses for humanity–and that is true no matter where you think you fit in the grand scheme of things.  Give up the virtue signalling because nobody is morally superior here.  Perhaps my blogger friend was right–animals are vastly superior to us.  It’s hard on a morning like this to remember those incredibly heroic, self – sacrificing moments (even giving their own lives for another) we humans are also capable of.

But somewhere (over the rainbow) or in that alternate universe, there’s a place we chose more wisely.  I’m sure of it.


One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – Wordless

  1. Nothing wrong with taking your father to the funeral when thousand of protesters can march arm in arm in the streets. Especially as it’s someone so close. Try getting off social media for a while Lynn, it does wonders for the soul. The news that you hear on social media and MSM is probably less than 1% of what is actually going on in the world. The media is a black hole that sucks all the energy out of right-thinking people. Neighbours of all ethnic backgrounds are still living harmoniously together, children are still playing in the street, people are going about their daily business trying to get on with life the best they know how. Dress warm and dry for the weather and then go for a walk in the rain. Let it cleanse your negative mood………and write that hopeful, beautiful post……..the world needs it.

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