Carnivore Dreams – Day One

07-23-2011 05;46;16PM

It’s summer in Elk Rapids, Michigan.  This is my great grandfather’s boat, the Mabel, that was the last steam boat to run in the inland waterway — Elk Lake, Torch Lake, Clam Lake, Intermediate Lake, etc.  He used to cook a steak on a grill on the banks every day with a  bucket of potatoes and vegetables steamed over the exhaust valves.  I think he might have done well on a keto diet.  He was very slender despite eating a huge steak every day just for lunch.  And lived to 75 with no modern pharmaceutical help.

So yesterday, I started over on Carnivore.  I haven’t formally done that so yesterday was the first day — I have eaten a lot of meat, but eaten vegetables and carbs some — due to my stress level.   Had some soda, so bad. So yesterday my diet consisted of half pound of ground beef, a few ounces of cheese, a glass of milk (more dairy than I usually eat and not the best), some bacon grease.  I skipped breakfast just to get back into a bit of intermittent fasting.  I do have an occasional glass of wine and I still drink coffee when on Carnivore.

It was a lovely day in Elk Rapids yesterday and I did some gardening and cleaning and a bit of upper body work.  Interestingly, gardening gets my heart beat up faster than a brisk walk or an easy cycle on the stationary bike.  More than house cleaning as well, but house cleaning is good exercise as well.

Today, some bacon.  Maybe an egg or two.  Pork tenderloin, some cheese.  Some heavy cream. I am not sure over the weekend what I’ll make.  I have some brats thawing and I have racks of lamb and scallops, some shrimp around.  So we will see on all that.  reminds me, need to check my Butcherbox order and take the lamb out, I think.

Happy Saturday.  I highly recommend checking out Jordan Peterson — fascinating stuff.

Still working on my hopeful blog post.  Soon.

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