Carnivore Dreams – Day Two

shirred eggs

Bacon and eggs for day two and some extra bacon to put in the green beans for those folks later.

Plan is to do pork tenderloin on grill with some teriyaki sauce.  I must admit I use a few spices and marinades, though I really think most of it cooks off.  I particularly do this as I transition back into carnivore.  This time of year I eat a little bit of salad out of the garden on a rare occasion  to make myself a Mexican salad and I definitely use herbs and some spices.  I do this less in winter, but I still do it.  And I drink coffee. I eat some cheese and butter on eggs, an occasional herb butter on a steak.  I eat canned and fresh salmon, fresh raw and smoked oysters on occasion with vinegar or lemon juice.  Rare seared tuna with wasabi and teriyaki.

But when I get better and perfect, I eat a lot of rib-eyes with just salt and sometimes pepper, seared in bacon grease or duck fat.

I think I’ll pull a few shrimp out of the freezer to go on the grill as well.

I have an occasional glass of wine.

I have racks of lamb thawing to go with some scallops later in the week and some brats thawing as well.

I do my best to stay away from cocktail sauce or teriyaki sauce, etc.  As I do better when I do.  But I do sort of wean myself into this by using a bit of spice.

We have ten days forecasted of sun and heat.  My cilantro is not liking it but the rest of the garden is.  Tomatoes are starting to flower finally and I see little flowers coming on the peppers.  Flowers and potatoes growing like crazy.  Herbs, too.

I try to limit dairy, but I have a little cheese and some heavy cream. Use that a lot and that can make an excellent dessert, sometimes even with a touch of rum in it (just on holidays).  Sour cream probably doesn’t agree with me since it’s cultured and I have trouble with yeast and probiotics (don’t listen to them that they are so great for you), but I have a touch of that on occasion, good on carnivore waffles (pork rinds).

So there you have it.  Day two almost in the books.  Probably the hardest thing to give up as I wean myself off all this is coke.  So bad for you they say, yet it settles my stomach.  I had gone a couple years without it until the stress of the last few months and my stomach so upset.  So wish me luck on that score.  I made it through yesterday!  Obviously, sugar and high fructose corn syrup are no-nos.

Oh, there is a bit of disagreement about honey.  Some object because it’s sugar, high in carbs, other carnivore types think it’s ok since it’s not a plant, comes from an animal source.  I use it very seldom(ly) along with a bit of monkfruit in a crustless cheesecake.  Best thing is to do rib-eyes and nothing else at least a week or two along the journey and then add iffy things back in one at a time and see how they agree with you.

Another good thing to report:  the hot tub seems to be helping the tumor in my back some.  Though yesterday when I both gardened and cleaned, it was a little rough.

Happy Saturday, folks.  Still working on my hopeful post and plan to write more about dreams/synchronicity/Jordan Peterson/Jung/Einstein physics and how they inform philosophies of life–it’s part of a whole, you know.  The fact they look like separate disciplines is an illusion.

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