Carnivore Dreams – Day Three


Golf movies.  Best movies for life philosophy.  (Tin Cup is great, too, but funnier). For some reason The Legend of Baggar Vance didn’t seem to get the accolades it should have–I think that is because individual responsibility/accountability and glorifying individual accomplishments is passe and not part of the new order–something younger generations can’t seem to identify with. Will Smith won’t even acknowledge his great work in it.  But I think the writing is fabulous and holds the secret to life.

Well, golf and fishing movies.  A River Runs Through It — also fabulous.  Islands in the Stream — posthumous Hemingway novel that got denigrated by the critics like much of his work.  And that trend increases. Part of it about a young boy trying to land a Marlin that will rip your heart out–and yes, does have relevancy and validity despite the attacks people made on Hemingway’s work.  They should hope to write so well.  “In Africa, what’s true at first light is a lie by noon.”  Yes, they just wish they could write a sentence like that.  Another of his posthumous novels.  True at First Light. And if they really think Hemingway was so “macho” and incapable of creating complex characters, they should read The Garden of Eden.  All these critics of his work always leave that novel out.  And his writing was fabulous anyway and represented an individual’s point of view.  But that’s really the point, isn’t it.  It’s not just that you can dislike any particular writer for whatever reason –sure that’s allowed.  Hemingway, it seems, needs to be “cancelled” or erased.  one of the best writers of our age that influenced every writer that came after him with his Iceberg Theory.  Cancelled because of his “toxic masculinity.”

Day three on my diet.  I managed to garden, take a long walk, and do a full body 20-minute routine.  Sausage and an egg for breakfast, and a couple chicken thighs after the workout.  Probably toppings off a pizza those guys will get.  Cheese and sausage.

So things settle.

I haven’t been able to focus on the post I’ve been promising, though. Soon.  Too much emotional angst with my friend’s illness.  And tomorrow my brother is taking me fishing on Grand Traverse Bay on his new boat.  Half a day, so I might not get it done tomorrow, either.  But that will be a great respite from adult care.  A good diet again tomorrow and some yoga after fishing, throw some brats on the grill.

But I make headway, reading Jordan Peterson, eating well, and exercising.

Happy Sunday folks.

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