Carnivore Dreams – Day Five


Chicken wings tonight but probably the garlic Parmesan version.  Need photos of those.  And today so far a little bacon and a brat and a half.  So all good so far on Day Five.  Lots of water, some sparkling water, key lime sparkling water, and just my fresh roast dark brewed coffee.  Maybe some heavy cream or Lactaid along the way.

Here and there this summer, I’ll have garden greens and tomatoes, some Mexican fare.  My jalapenos and sweet peppers are coming along and I finally have flowers on tomatoes which are growing well.  Very hot this week.  Dad is out in the sun under the mister and he should come in directly anyway.  Too hot.  But we are sun lovers.  Vitamin D doesn’t perform as well in the body from pills.  And I can’t figure out how they can possibly say some sun exposure (without sun screen) isn’t good for you.  Duh.  ALL life comes from the sun.  It’s a hormone actually, not just a vitamin, and the pills don’t do the same thing.

So it will be yoga this afternoon before I make wings and maybe this evening I can work on that post I’ve been promising.  I’ve been reading and studying up on Jordan Peterson.  It’s good he’s writing and feeling better.

Happy Tuesday, folks.

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