Carnivore Dreams – Day Six

Here it is - steak

No, this was the steak I ate in Milwaukee when I went to see Hamilton with my daughter.  Or a steak just like it.

I am having steaks today, but not a nice one like this.  No Cowboy Rib-eyes.  Just a little New York Strip — and hope I can get a good sear on it.  I have a good spice rub that is very nice that contains espresso.  So will have that and make a salad and baked potato for the guys (some of the guys–my husband is trying to cut out bread and potatoes to help his overall decrepitude).  Some good dark brew in the morning, eggs and bacon.

I’ve lost a good four pounds, maybe five.  About 3 to go to be back where I was.  119.  Will post updates on health issues along the way.

Some yoga today in the afternoon.  Some writing.  Gardening.  Very very hot here, so after to water a lot!

Happy Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day Six

  1. I was looking at old photos – saw a couple of me from about ten years ago when I followed what was then the Primal diet which then turned into Paleo. I was very fit and lean – I’m still fit and fairly lean and of course I’ve aged ten years but… sometimes the mind worm says…but I’ve gone too far down this other path now, my conscience wouldn’t allow it. What all this is to say is – I get it – it’s a good way to eat and feel.

  2. Ha. Funny. I did Primal, Paleo, then Keto, then Carnivore. You went the other way! I don’t know if my way is good for cancer issues (and what’s good for the planet is very complex and debatable), it’s so new and so few doing it. But fairly sure it’s better for most everything else. Well, at least for people with auto-immune stuff — I have Hashimotos thyroid issues and seasonal allergies and things. But I have noticed that people who do carnivore aren’t just thin but very fit and glowing. Sort of rounder looking–the young people anyway. I suppose they have more muscle and I think better skin. But I appreciate all people who are doing a whole foods diet of any kind –whatever their reasons–as long as they seem to do it deliberately, are present in the endeavor. I also am a firm believer that not one diet suits everyone. If you do 23 and me, you’ll see there are three types of muscle groups–I have an “elite power athlete muscle” short sprinter or something, I forget–sounds like I’m bragging or something. Ha. But then there is an in between group, and those two groups are ALWAYS athletes apparently. Never knew such a thing. But the long muscle types are not good athletes. But my point is it doesn’t stand to reason to me that we would all thrive on the same diet. So you have to experiment. The only thing I don’t like about carnivore is the cooking is a bit boring–hence my working on a “dirty carnivore” cookbook. But luckily I have enough folks to cook for that aren’t on such a strict diet. I am fit for my age, but I never seemed to get quite there somehow. I think I would have on carnivore in my twenties and thirties. Back then I ate a lot of junk. But occasionally a low fat diet–didn’t do it. And I was always athletic, active. So it was definitely my diet. I’m going on here, but diet affects creativity, spirituality, clarity of mind, mood, and more. Eating well and purposely is a form of worship, of giving thanks. Food… I’m not saying things quite well enough…

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