Carnivore Dreams Day Six — and Garden Report

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Cilantro on its third cutting, basil, and thyme.

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Potato patch.

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Tomatoes finally coming along some, flowers coming.  Not breaking any records, but they WERE started from seed.

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Sweet peppers and jalopenos

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Petunias from seed, just flowering.

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The pretty yellow and purple wildflowers in this arrangement I grew from seed.

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My potted tomato about to make tons of flowers.  For some reason all these tomatoes look much better in person.  The one in the pot  isn’t yellow–it’s the hostas behind the garage showing through there.  I just watered it yet again–it’s so hot today.  Cilantro is tough to keep around. It tends to bolt as soon as it gets hot and I’ve already had two fabulous cuttings off it.  It was GREAT.  I didn’t take pictures of the zucchini or arugula, both of which seem to be coming along.   Or the green beans. So actually, I had success with most of all I grew from seed, though the problem with tomatoes up here is that you don’t have enough warmth without a green house to get them big enough so they are just a lot smaller when they hit the garden and then the temps don’t cooperate here once outside either.  So it might make more sense to buy tomatoes.  But the peppers I should just have left inside longer.  Zucchini and green beans and lettuce I should just start outside from seed since they don’t like transplanting and grow fast — except maybe the arugula which has done well.

I am putting off once again posting my thoughts (and my friend’s) on race because dealing with the illness of my friend just wiped me out and it needs to be done well.  It will show up soon.

Instead, I am taking my friend Kate’s advice and posting pictures as a diversion.  However, I didn’t yet play with the program she suggested, Snapseed– which is more than obvious that I haven’t– to anyone who takes artsy pictures.  Going to look into that now.  But since I’m technologically challenged, I’m not sure I can put all that together!

I had some lovely bacon and eggs this morning cooked by my husband and I plan that New York Strip later with the espresso rub, a nice garden salad for those guys, and maybe even twice baked potatoes for my dad and Josh.  Gonna look into that now.  I am also having a chicken thigh here in a bit…

For the 4th of July — pulled pork done with Carolina rub in the smoker along with pickled onions and a special papaya bbq spicey sauce (I will skip the bun), a friend’s homemade potato salad with cilantro, and some other side salad–also skipped.  Home made ice cream with monk fruit I just might get some of.  And a mojito with mint and lime and monkfruit I might get as well.  Next to no carbs, but a bit of cheating there on the lime and rum.  Still, I don’t do it often and I know what disagrees with me for having done this a whole year.

Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams Day Six — and Garden Report

  1. It’s really tough, cilantro, and I love it, too! One of my favorites. But I did the best this year. It grew great in my basket and I got two great cuttings before it started bolting on me. I guess you have to keep planting more all the time.

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