Carnivore Dreams – Day Seven

“Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Yep.  Nietzsche had that nailed.  It would be nice if people could use their noggins and see that.  And the more utopian and idealistic, the greater the madness…

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Nope, not on my diet, but twice baked ready to go in the oven for my dad and son.  Dinner last night.

Today is maybe spaghetti for those guys and more salad, bread for dad. And possibly a fast day for me or chicken thighs I think.  I have to make pickled onions, pork rub, and a papaya bbq sauce today — ahead for Saturday’s pulled pork on the smoker — before I stick the spaghetti on.  Got lots of basil to add to it.  Just some jarred sauce with hamburger added.

Some meditation and walking and some writing today.  Enough exercise for today.  I did a lot yesterday, walking and yoga and gardening, so things go well.  I am getting more fit at last and my stomach and back are both responding to less inflammation on my carnivore diet–even with tiny cheats here and there.  And I’ve lost some poundage and that always helps my focus.

I am thinking about downloading Snapseed today, though I see I have to install google to do that and I had gotten rid of google on moral principles. Will talk it over with my photographer daughter.

I need to get back into posting some fiction or creative nonfiction again, a bit every day, which keeps me focused into my work, but it was too much in the emotional sunami of the last ten days.  It had been hard enough before my best friend from high school became seriously ill.  Keep a good thought.

Happy Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day Seven

  1. Mikhaela Peterson, Jordans daughter came out with a 50-minute podcast yesterday which details the families experiences over the last year. She interviews Jordan. The video is also on YouTube. Great quote by Nietzche.

  2. Hi Len–I saw it! I sent it on to my son who has become a Jordan Peterson fan He was listening to him before I told him I was–ever since he talked about the pluses of the carnivore diet.. My son is 31 and I was worrying he was not engaging in what was happening here, couldn’t gauge where he was coming down, but he is. He especially likes Jordan and Dan Crenshaw. So I have hope. However, I was reading Jordan say just what I did a while back. Don’t fund universities to tear down the very culture supporting it. Victor Hanson had an article saying the same–that universities were causing their own demise. I don’t think Jordan is a Trump fan, but unfortunately he is all that stands between us and disaster and not sure the rest of the wimpy conservatives would stand up to them right now at all.

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