Carnivore Dreams – Stop Paying Movement

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It was a nice gathering at my house yesterday, but the day was also emotional — a grief process–just the thought that we are going to allow the progressive socialists to dismantle this country and culture at every level.  One hopes the polls are wrong and silent America is not on board with this.

Everybody is for making America better, more equitable all the time.  But we are not willing to give up our heritage.  Our country undid its wrongs (Washington and Jefferson and Adams –Adams, who never ever owned slaves and paid black people to work for him, tutored them, Hamilton and more) were never on board with slavery.  They tolerated it for various reasons–family owned them or they knew, in Adams’ case, that he couldn’t put together the union with the south at the time, so he compromised in the constitution on what he claimed was an “abomination” and something that would come back to haunt them.  But I do not consider that this nation was “founded on slavery.” Washington and Jefferson made changes in their lifetime.  And Adams never did deal in it–Adams and Jefferson being instrumental in most of the drafting.   It was not what they intended and luckily, we were able to correct it.  And we’ve improved things ever since.

Mind you, black men voted here fifty years before women of any color so where do reparations end?  But as a white woman, I can promise you I had no say in slavery, and I’m not willing to lose everything this country stands for for the socialist cause–that has never worked anywhere.

Derek Hunter is echoing my sentiments of the last few weeks.  It’s time.   It’s time to stand up and we need to fight this at every single level.  He suggests not going to movies, not subscribing to any liberal rag, not supporting any liberal company supporting censorship or liberal causes (Coke, Starbucks, Nike, Target come to mind right off the bat).  Don’t watch the NFL.  Stop funding and paying tuition at universities that refuse to support free speech and open debate.  Find another place to educate your kids or give them a year off first anyway.

Maybe you hate Donald Trump’s personality but his 4th speech was really the best he’s given.  This is about losing America and handing it over to these thugs.  You don’t tear down monuments.  If they want to change base names and remove confederate statues, then vote for that.  I’m for that. But even they should be protected until this is done lawfully.   They belong to the people.  But don’t condone them laying waste to our country.  And going after Washington, Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, Lincoln?, Ulysses S. Grant?, and other abolitionists?  If you want a better Lincoln statue, get one, vote for that, but don’t tear down the one paid for by black slaves.  And don’t kill people and burn cities.  All done in Democrat run cities — where all these atrocities occur.  Why don’t they fix it in these cities?  Love how they cause all these problems and then blame middle America and conservatives for it.  They had the power to do things “properly” in these cities, but they are a nightmare.

The left politicians are willing to “fundamentally change” America in order to appease this mob.  We aren’t going to do it.  They are doing all this on our backs now.  See how college professors get along brainwashing our kids when half of us pull our kids out. Same with movies, companies.  See how that works out.  The left started boycotting everyone they disagreed with, it’s time now to see how that works out for them.

I need to stop drinking Coke anyway, and McDonalds Americanos are as good as Starbucks.  Pure Leaf Tea is Pepsi.  I’ll start there until I see they are doing the same garbage.  My Thrive Company is sending money to Black Lives Matter, so I will not do business there anymore.  I just hope Butcherbox stays non-political.

I have been gathering email addresses from my facebook friends in preparation for totally deleting that account.  They are now censoring thought.  You might think their “coronavirus” information is non-political, but it’s not.  There are a lot of different views from scientists and professionals they are choosing to censor or add comments to:  many think developing herd immunity might be the way to go.  And that is not “hate speech.”   Nobody knows enough about this virus and it’s been hijacked like every other issue under the sun.

Interesting, Michael Moore came out against a lot of green energy.  Surprising he was willing to tell the truth.  They have censored another environmentalist who apologized for being part of the climate change hogwash–he’s still an environmentalist, also against green energy.  Michael Shellenberger.  Here’s an article about him and maybe you can still link to his piece in Forbes from there.  If you are a conservationist and care about the planet, me too, but we have to know what is actually efficacious and move toward things slowly and stop scaring our children half to death with politicized stuff.  Shellenberger says his funding dropped off as soon as he disagreed with the powers that be–think about that.  That was happening to everybody.  And they were being silenced.  Nobody wanted to go up against these people and now these socialist globalists think they can take over the world. Here

Stop paying.  Here is the link to Derek Hunter’s piece.

I promise a more artsy up-beat post tomorrow.  This wasn’t wonderfully written.  Just a rant.  So my plan is just to post a reminder about “not paying” every post — perhaps a runnning list of those we shouldn’t pay– but to avoid these topics if possible. And get back to my work.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Stop Paying Movement

  1. I’m with you on your underlying points. But I’m just not in favor of boycotting companies at all. Even back when I was a liberal, I didn’t do it. I never boycotted Chik fil a or any of the others that people got all worked up over.
    I don’t boycott companies over political stuff.
    I’m surprised to see a conservative advocate for that to be honest. Cancel culture is usually a liberal game.

  2. I have always been against it. As I will say on my post tomorrow. But these times are getting out of control. They are cancelling conservative voices, misrepresenting facts on social media, denying conservative speakers at publicly funded universities. Censoring or cancelling conservatives at every turn. They are brainwashing our kids on our dime. So I am changing my mind. If you can give me a better argument than “conservatives never did this” which I agree with — I might consider your point. The problem is we have Hollywood, mainstream media, and university professors influencing our young people while we support it in silence. We have to stop paying or it’s going to melt down eventually. Atlas Shrugged. They are now erasing our entire culture and way of life, and doing it with violence. How do you suggest we fight this?? Do we just turn over the country, engage in civil war, continue in silence like wimpy conservatives have traditionally done? I’m open to suggestions. Thanks for your comment, however! 🙂

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