Carnivore Dreams – Things to Ponder

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So ponder these facts (while I’m working on my next post which  may or may not show up tonight).  (I know these facts both from research and personal experimentation):

  1.  If you FAST, your cholesterol will rise. (I can attest to this and you can research it.)
  2. If you eat carnivore your cholesterol MIGHT rise even more. (I can attest to this but it doesn’t happen to everyone.)
  3. If you eat junk food, no matter what it is, plants, carbs of all kinds, your cholesterol will go down, by quite a lot, from the above.  (I can attest to this.)
  4. If you are 60 or older, you will live longer if your total and BAD  cholesterol is higher than others and higher than recommended.  (I can’t attest to this so far thank God.)
  5. Higher cholesterol protects against dementia.  (I can’t attest to this, maybe my kids will someday.)
  6. Most people who have heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol levels. (Also not personal experience).
  7. If you take plant sterols which is one of the remedies for high cholesterol and often prescribed by doctors, your cholesterol will reduce, BUT one of the side effects is plaque in your heart arteries.   Look it up. What???

Now, tell me what is wrong with this picture.  They don’t bother to explain any of the above, I suspect the diet guidelines are more political as they were when the food pyramid was first constructed, but it’s all true.  So we know they do not understand the cholesterol picture.

Of course, cholesterol can’t be apples to apples, either.  If you eat McDonalds every day and other junk, bad oils on french fries, etc., is your high cholesterol the same as someone with high cholesterol who eats grass fed beef every day and no junk food, all organic??  I doubt it.

We need more studies on this.  A lot more.

Just a few things to ponder as I work on a post or two.

Happy Monday.  I’m on the road tomorrow for a quick day trip to our camp to pick up the corn hole game and mow the lawn.  See you Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Things to Ponder

  1. I researched statins after my doctor thought I should go on them when I was 30(!). I took them for a couple of months, then intuitively chucked them. About 10 years after that, I researched.

    I found the same info you did. I also found that while statins seem to reduce “heart-related incidents”, they have essentially ZERO impact on mortality rates from those “heart-related incidents”.

    I think cholesterol levels are hereditary. My father, who’s 87 and still going, has very high cholesterol (good and “bad”); mine fluctuates. I pay no attention.

    1. Yeah, I have kind of high levels. They have my husband on statins who has very LOW ones (or they did–we stopped it), because of that claim, “fewer incidents” they say. But something is wrong with that picture for sure. They clearly don’t have a clue what role cholesterol plays and it has to have something to do with other variables–triglycerides (mine are about 75, I have blood pressure of 105/60 or lower, rarely higher). I weigh 122 pounds (very little belly fat for my age) and I exercise. My HDL is about 90. And I eat grass fed meat and whole food. So, I refused statins or plant sterols. I just take a thyroid pill and that’s it. Speaking of that…. 🙂 But here is the key, don’t diet, lose weight, or fast a day or two before they check you–I was always doing that! NOT eating raising your levels? Losing weight? I guess that’s temporary, but still, all their bologne is counter-intuitive. And yep, some is genetic. Complicated stuff.

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