Carnivore Dreams – ONE MORE TIME

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Ok, so we have to drive downstate again tomorrow to do this closing all over again because the buyers’ lender is incompetent it appears.  So I will not be back to normal routine until next week.  Today I finish company bills I couldn’t do yesterday because a fax was messed up.  So it goes…

Need things to calm down here at least a bit.  Been pretty crazy here for some time.

But the good news is that my daughter and I are working on the layout for my memoir/cookbook and that should be ready to sell by fall.  So we progress.  I also have done at least a little revision on the fantasy/literary thing.  Not much going on on the Carnivore Cookbook just yet, though.  I want the fantasy thing done by year’s end since I’ll go the normal publisher route with that one.   Or try.  Want one more commercial, I hope.  The cookbooks/memoir seem a good project to self publish.  In the meantime, a reminder if you need a good read (and I publish under the name L.E. Kimball), one published by Wayne State University, the other by Northern Illinois University and both available onAmazon:


Seasonal Roads (Made in Michigan Writers Series) by [L. E. Kimball]

And here:

A Good High Place (Switchgrass Books) by [L.E. Kimball]

Happy Thursday.  No posts tomorrow.  Maybe get organized over the weekend.  A couple good rib-eyes today.  Couple ten ouncers and an egg, I think.  Finally getting back to my normal weight.  Health posts soon, too.


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