Carnivore Dreams – Day 35 (about)

JM and Me

I was tempted to post today about the virus–about how the overpopulation of cities (and places like China) open us more and more to germs and how this might just be the beginning of a war against viruses.  How we were never meant to be crammed into these urban sardine cans.   And how I can’t help thinking (due to my writer’s imagination) that some environmental Darwinian fanatic in China (aided by US money), decided it would be genius to create a germ that is hard to vaccinate against (coronaviruses are notorious for providing only short term immunity), would be ubiquitous in nature from now on and cull out the old and weak continuously.  Continually?  I always have to look those up.

That would solve the climate “problem” for him/her.  (Mind you, I’m an active conservationist.)

BUT never fear, I’ve decided to post about my kids (and my little grandson above) who are about to visit us for the weekend.  My job today is to clean house and make a Carolina rub since we plan to smoke ribs Saturday, have a shrimp boil Friday night.  Since I have to see my gastro guy in town tomorrow, I’ll also stop at the Cheese Lady for some great cheese for the charcuterie board.  And at Altonen’s market for some freshly harvested corn.  (It’s funny the popular farm market called our number by mistake asking if I still had fresh apricots for sale–a little cheating on their part.  I remember years ago our Romeo Peach Festival downstate –where we raised our kids– actually got most of their peaches from our little northern town here where my mom and dad lived.  They thought that was pretty funny.)

But I must admit that once again I got side-tracked from my good intentions–I was going to report in every day on my stricter Carnivore diet, and I was going to post my piece on racism–and neither has happened.  Oh, and I was planning to do a separate post with a bit of my creative writing at least every few days.  Also hasn’t happened due to some stress on closing on a rental house resulting in my lack of focus.  It’s harder as I age (maybe) or because of my care-taking duties to achieve focus for my work and I have yet to solve that.  It didn’t seem to bother me when I was raising kids, though that was no easy task then, either.  I’ve mostly been trying to keep my head above water and completely regain my health that has suffered this last six months.  (I’ve been care-taking almost a year and a half now and my husband who has been helping care for my father will be gone on a little vacation for ten days to two weeks to pick up our Lance trailer and arrange to trade in a huge 5th wheel we no longer want).  That is a little distressing since my father falls a lot and because my stomach still is acting up–exacerbated by the thought of that long time alone.

I have neighbors to count on and there’s always 911, but its nerve-wracking nonetheless.

So my diet report hasn’t been as positive as I would like, though I feel better when I adhere to it, by far, and I  lost a couple of the pounds I gained back over the winter.

So I will try to regain focus here next week one more time.  On all fronts.  I guess the secret to life is to keep starting over anyway, eh?  But I likely will not post until Monday soonest with new week’s resolutions.  Right now, out to the garden…  I’ll also give a garden report.  I’m so proud of myself growing nearly everything from seed.

Happy Thursday and happy weekend.  In the meantime, talk to me about your diet, your writing, your garden, your dogs and horses, (ok, even your cats), your mental health.  I love hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day 35 (about)

  1. Thanks for sharing part of your story, Lynn. I like hearing about other peoples lives. I find Summer a hard time to sit in front of the computer and write because I want to be outside all the time and enjoy the warmth while it lasts. Winters in Canada can be very brutal and everlasting and so it’s important to enjoy the sun while we can. My daughter and son-in-law have taken their five kids to the beach today, so they have asked if I will walk the dog. He is a Norwegian Behund, more Huskey, so despises the hot weather and will try to continually lie down in the shade and thwart my efforts to exercise him. My daughter has a 16-year-old, 15-year-old triplets and a 10 year old, so has her hands full, especially with teenage angst. They have lots of energy and she tries hard to keep them occupied. The Ontario government has just released guidelines for the upcoming school year which includes mandatory masks and face shield for teachers and masks for grade 4-12 students. My wife and I were laughing about that because we could just imagine the high jinx from the high school students with the masks. Pulling masks away from the face and then releasing them to snap back against the face. Enjoy your weekend with the grandkids, Lynn

  2. Yes, this mask thing should be quite the thing once school starts! It sounds great to have all those grandkids–I want more! And always nice to walk the dog. That would be the day MINE wanted to lie down–she mostly drags me through the town streets after bunnies and squirrels. Very poorly behaved since she was raised running on our 35 acres in the upper peninsula. A leash is something she really doesn’t understand! I need to get a better writing focus this week. I think I will. But I am fishing again tomorrow, so I understand the summer draw! I like Canada, especially the Stratford area. I’d like to see more of it. We stayed at the Elora Inn all the time when we went to the theater, but it’s been some time since I’ve been. Lovely there. Happy Tuesday tomorrow!

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