Carnivore Dreams — Google Nightmare

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Sorry I’ve been missing in action.  I’ll spare you the reasons.  And wish you a happy  Sunday before I bum you out.

If you weren’t already troubled or worried about how trustworthy the media or tech giants are (and my daughter’s mother in law and her sister were presented with “positive” covid results for tests they never took in Green  Bay, Wisconsin–having gotten tired of waiting and left), this should give you real pause:

Try this.  Google or search using ANY three numbers:  123, 826, 455–pick ANY three and after that the word “cases” and see what you get.  Obvious false stories from all over the country about that many (the number you picked) positive cases from a multitude of locations. Even more worrisome that there could be that many accurate numbers is the way the stories are all worded. The same.

There are false positives as well.  The governor of Ohio, Dewein (sp) and Matthew Stafford, our Lions quarterback.  The fact that they are lumping in asymptomatic people or those positive for antibodies with active cases, the fact that they are attributing all the deaths to covid regardless of underlying conditions or even auto accidents.

This virus is worrisome as it is but now we really have no idea HOW worrisome it is or even the proper way to deal with it since it’s been so politicized, opinion of some experts censored, while others are given ridiculous  hysterical coverage.

There is no doubt that the world cannot shut down for  long due to something with a death rate this low–even though it APPEARS there could be complications long lasting and older/frailer people more vulnerable. But the way forward would be so much clearer if really troublesome things like this were not going on.

More worrisome, I only know of one blogger’s brother who died from this disease and one friend’s cousin–the latter the only person (a relative) of someone I personally know closely.  He had asthma and I think was over-weight, though fairly young. It just seems like you’d hear about more people you know dying or even getting seriously ill than we do.  And we are in Michigan which was presumably one of the hardest hit.

My husband’s doctor in Macomb County, one of the highest counties, says nobody they tested was positive during this whole fiasco.  Nobody?

So when they are talking about taking away people’s freedom for non-compliance to social distancing/mask wearing, one starts wondering about what life will be like here and how much this is being used for a collectivist agenda–it plays right into their hands.

I am not suggesting people should not take precautions.  Particularly, if you are in a high risk group, you should take personal responsibility for your health and your actions.   I have been in four restaurants, three of which were outside and spaced far apart, one was at 2 p.m. when it was inside, but not crowded.  I wear masks any time I’m inside around people and occasionally outside, but that is not necessary in our small town. But it’s possible to protect yourself — to whatever degree you think is necessary — without controlling others who for all we know are helping build herd immunity. And this is true no matter where you live. It’s possible to do telehealth, to have food delivered–either by services or family members.  To visit emergency rooms if anything untoward happens. To stay away from people.  And if you are high risk, that better be what you do, because I doubt highly masks are going to protect you.

But the only thing more worrisome than this virus is the politicization of this.  Remember, every time you take away freedom from others, you better think carefully about it, because we ALL lose something.  Even leftists will someday find this out.

p.s. I promise to post a health update tomorrow on NMN, diet, etc. And some writing posts this week. Happy dreams.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams — Google Nightmare

  1. I’m with you on this. People should take responsibility for their own health, rather than expecting the government to step in and act like their babysitter. People have been so willing to sacrifice freedom during this pandemic, even mocking the people who think it’s important to protect their freedom. It’s incredibly scary.

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