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Ok, I decided to put off working on the fantasy novel until Sept. or Oct. but I AM working.  My daughter and I are working on layout for my memoir/cookbook thingy I have going.  I have decided to go the self-publishing route for this project (and my carnivore cookbook upcoming).  I’ll try traditional publishers for the fantasy novel at some point.

The nice thing here is that I (we) have total control over the project instead of a publisher dictating large parts of it.  So I can include lots of pictures and lay it out as I choose.   It appears for this project, though, black and white photos might be in order.  It’s less a cookbook and more a memoir with a lot of narrative.  Color is expensive and while I think it’s necessary for the Carnivore Cookbook coming up, it’s less so here.

So I’m pondering.  I have to write a postscript for a chapter, acknowledgments, and a jacket blurb next week.  I hate participating in jacket blurbs and so far have been lucky enough to have publishers write them.  That reminds me, I’ll do the description but I probably should dig up a couple writer friends to actually blurb it.  I have one in mind–Lisa Lenzo–she helped me a lot in formative stages.  But not sure who else to ask.  Maybe Kevin Breen.  Keith Hood.  Not sure.

So today I have just started bacon.   It’s just sizzling low, but enough to make one of those to-die-for smells in life–bacon and coffee.  But Dad is late motivating here, so no big rush.  It might be a fast day for me and not sure if I’ll cook salmon or stuffed peppers from the garden for the others.  I’ll need to run out to the farm stand for corn for Dad and tomatoes.  To the post office.  I haven’t watered the garden.   Or walked the dog.   I’ve just been pondering writing and sipping great coffee from my new Keurig pot.  Smelling that bacon… dreaming about a day to myself I no longer have.

I feel good.  I started the fountain of youth pill–NMN.  (Did anyone see the old movie Monkey Business with Cary Grant?  This pill reminds me of the movie.  Scientist is trying things out on monkeys and accidentally drinks the stuff which turns him into a teenager–drink more and you might become a toddler.  Cute movie.  Ginger Rogers). This the latest supplement that hasn’t been tested much.  Research by an Australian scientist now working at Harvard.  My stomach is healing and I have a lot more energy, so will go with it a while.  Just tried it about five days so far and I’ve lost some weight without much change in exercise.  A diet/health post soon.

Laundry to do, too, as tomorrow is house cleaning day for me…hmm…not breaking any records here.

Happy Thursday.

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