Carnivore Dreams – WordPress

This wordpress thing is a nightmare. And their instructions to change it back are incomprehensible, it seems. Technology. Why make this harder to negotiate.

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4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – WordPress

  1. Lynn I feel exactly the same :). I kept thinking shouldn’t technology make one’s life easier. I found the new block editor difficult to comprehend so I reverted back to the classic editor last month. I cant imagine going back to it.

  2. Hi Smitha, Can you make it stay permanently? They just told me I’d have to pick that editor manually every time! So annoying. You have to be a publisher by trade to figure all that out now. I imagine I’ll get it figured out enough to do it, but it’s nuts that it should be that complicated. Technology mostly ruins our life now because there are so many problems with it–one frustration after another. I guess I’m getting old because I long for the days there were no cell phones!! As a writer, we are stuck with this crap, too! Hang in there! -L

  3. I know. So annoying. I don’t do tricky layouts, just pictures and text so I may get the hang of it, but they sure have made it confusing. I seriously don’t think most people could do most of those functions. And now they claim I have to choose Classic editor every time. So we’ll see. Hang in there.

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