Carnivore Dreams

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Well, I spent the night in the emergency room again. Another fall. My dad has Parkinson’s, COPD and is almost 89. It’s no fun to be him. And soon I think I’ll have to stay up all night since he has to pee three times over night and dreams and thrashes around. Sleep when my husband gets up. Though not sure how that will work out when he gets back to work, even part time.

Very worrisome.

And lots of financial issues right now as well–refinancing and more.

We have friends visiting, coming today, and with all this, I’m not writing. Or reading. or blogging very well. I’m not being profound, that’s for damn sure.

But we got Dad back home, CT scan negative on his head. He’s on coumadin and he was disoriented, so we needed to be sure. My son with Downs was very upset about them taking him to the hospital and kept giving him big hugs last night and today. He knows about those places…

So my stomach hurts into my back which is always worse without sleep. But it’s always a nice change when my friends come. Just some hamburgers on the grill I think, tonight, but a smoked pork shoulder tomorrow with sour kraut and baked beans. Will get Dad fed up early since we’ll likely eat a bit later.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams

  1. What a busy stressful time. I hope you have lots of friend/cookout moments to counteract all your responsibilities. I hope he will level off and feel better.

    1. Hi Lisa–yes, the distraction is welcome. They are very very good lifelong friends, so I don’t feel the need to do too much. And am totally relaxed, so it’s great to have them here. Thanks so much for the good thoughts. -L

  2. It must have been very hard for you, Kate. You lost both your parents pretty young didn’t you? I’ve been lucky to have Dad this long. Tiring couple days. Thanks for thinking of me.

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