Carnivore Dreams – Happy Labor Day

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Happy Labor Day. We are coming into the loveliest time of the year. Sept. 1, here in Elk Rapids, the wind changed, the temps dropped, on schedule, as if the Almighty looked down and inhaled. Our highs dropped to around 70 with a few other days upcoming at 60!

I’ve been absent for a bit. But Labor Day is a time to consider laboring and making new plans, buying those school supplies (as my daughter posted recently quoting Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail.) I did a visiting writer Zoom session last night (my internet acted up terribly), but it was good to interact with students again. I had to give up teaching a couple years ago.

My kids and grandson are coming tonight so I won’t be posting over the holiday. Busy schedule. But I have a clean house, my rib rub made for ribs on Sunday. Some little strip steaks and ribeyes out for tonight’s dinner. We go out to our local steak house tomorrow afternoon — early before it gets busy–social distancing you know. And easy breakfasts of bacon and assorted pastries as a decadent treat for everybody but me–my daughter’s vote. I have no plans for dinner on Monday yet. Could be some leftover ribs.

The fall harvest from my garden is great. I harvested the rest of my potatoes today, and we have tons of tomatoes for sliced tomatoes, tons of bell peppers and jalapenos, herbs still producing great, and one more zucchini I believe. The tomatoes have been the best ever. I grew them from seed but hope I can remember where I ordered them and what type they were. I should have saved my order, I hope I did.

Quite a few doctor appointments and procedures coming up this month and next which are not the way I like to spend my time. But we have friends coming for a color weekend in October. Best time of the year–now until Christmas. Then three sobering months of hibernation and shoveling snow.

We’re nervous about the election. Terribly worried about this radical left nightmare, the violence, this censorship in universities and the big tech giants, open borders all with aliens on our dole, socialized rationed medicine, late term abortion to the moment of delivery?, the lack of journalistic integrity, defund (or reallocate) the police budgets?, mandatory shutdowns and masks– and mail-in voting. Absentee is fine when you request them, but to just mail all these ballots out like that…it’s shocking that this election can be this close even with Trump’s personality when you see all they want to do. Though I believe he’s getting attacked like this–almost all unfairly–spied on by the Obama Administration using our own justice department — all because he really poses a threat to the Washington establishment. That is what we want, folks! This guy is no racist. He’s done more for minorities in this country than ANY other president, even Obama. And if this is all news to you (If you didn’t watch the Republican Convention or are only watching mainstream media, I can promise you, you are being mislead.) But everybody better be careful of what they wish for if they are thinking of voting for Joe Biden (who by the way has dementia and has no business running–so you know the progressive establishment will be in charge). Nightmare.

I hope people think carefully about this. Donald Trump will come and go, but these progressives will do things to this country that will topple it. If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, read it before you vote.

I follow another blogger who posted that she is voting for Donald Trump (a lot because of abortion), and if that means we all stop following her, so be it. I was excommunicated and lost a publisher just for being a Libertarian, but she’s right, if you are going to blog, you have to be honest and be true to yourself. I don’t like everything Donald Trump says and does, but I am convinced he is doing this to protect America and our way of life. And that he’s been treated horribly. I have had liberal and progressive friends for years, and still have most of them, probably more liberal friends than conservatives– since I am a writer. I have never agreed with their politics, but I have always loved fabulous writing from their perspectives. That doesn’t go both ways, unfortunately, for all of them. Most universities do not want to give voice to conservatives–even though they are public establishments. That is a shame.

But happy Friday and happy Labor Day for those of you in the states. I will definitely be posting my writing, my carnivore updates, and more coming up.

Sharpen those pencils. Take a walk outside.


2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Happy Labor Day

  1. I admire your honest pen. I’m sorry you had to give up teaching. I understand. After 23 years I left it too 5 years ago. It was a hard decision; but necessary for health reasons. I’ll be praying for your procedures. P.S. I’ve been a”meatasaurus” since birth; I’ll admit I’ve added more leafy greens and balance myself way better than I used to; however, meat is my love.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the nice note. Always so appreciated. Always hope blogging is more of a conversation than an exercise of listening to your head rattle. Stressful right now, but always things to be grateful for: meat for one. Ha. Made some nice baby back ribs one day and had a great prime rib at a favorite restaurant the other. Happy Labor Day if you are here in u.s. Cheers.

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