Carnivore Dreams – High Road?

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You know, this is horrible. I don’t care who you vote for, well really, I do. But these “anonymous sources” accusing Trump YET AGAIN — when people who were there dispute this and going on the record and who do not even LIKE Trump–these ridiculous leaks, most of which are total lies. False dossiers and more. Spying on a campaign. Weaponizing the justice department. But to say this about Trump, who loves the military. If he said anything remotely like that, it was taken out of context.

He wasn’t for the Vietnam war and he might have said that those poor kids were just suckers and shouldn’t have died, he said they should have not gone –but to characterize this in ANY way like this is despicable.

Then you have Joe Lyin’ Biden on there calling Trump a liar for saying Biden said he’d end fracking (twice on tape, I watched the Democratic debates) is rich. Since Trump took office, I’ve never seen Democrats lie so much in my life –and they’ve always been great at lying and promising shit they can’t provide–all while you just barter away your freedom and topple our Democracy. … These Democrats thought the violence was great until it started polling bad. They have absolutely no principles.

The only other thing true about Trump is that he hated John McCain who attacked him continuously and first, gave that fake dossier to the Clintons to pay for, voted down healthcare and more, so he attacked him as a loser who got captured. That is not his opinion of the average American prisoner. It’s his opinion of JOHN MCCAIN. Trump gets them out all over the world while Obama couldn’t have cared less.

Trump had wounded veterans in the front row of his convention and I’ll leave you with what he said in 2007 before he even ran for president. Of all the lies to come up with. Donald Trump:

Donald Trump in 2007 on the terrible cost of the Iraq War: “Nobody talks about the soldiers that are coming back with no arms and no legs… The most beautiful people I’ve ever seen”

You anonymous cowards are scumbags and liars. The good thing is most people know it now.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – High Road?

  1. Not just journalists. People like Adam Schiff. They just flat out lie, not exaggerate. No truth at all to it. They are that frightened of Trump that their socialist agenda is going to be disrupted. Tucker Carlson is talking about this “race re-education” thing going on all over, attacking white people is crazy, and it’s not about race. It’s about totalitarianism. I worry about him–he’s pointing out things nobody else does. They are just using race like they use religion. It’s really class warfare and power for those exploiting it. Has nothing to do with equal rights. Man.

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