Carnivore Dreams – Mark Sisson

I love Mark Sisson. He has great health ideas and he’s not political. He can pick up your day on the worst of them. I love Sundays With Sisson. Here is a bit of his post for this Sunday:

If your mind is everywhere, if it’s susceptible to the slings and arrows of the moment, if it gives itself over to every twist and turn, you will never get anywhere. You’ll never keep your spirit trained on that highest good. Instead, you’ll be thrown here and there, subjected to a barrage of miniature conflicting desires that can and will consume your focus. 

An even keel improves the ride through life. Focusing on the journey itself doesn’t preclude you from a smooth, orderly voyage.

With skill, attention to detail, willingness to act, and a calm mind that doesn’t jump from one stimulus to another, all you need is to focus on the moment at hand—on the journey as it unfolds—and use the highest good as your North Star.

I posted this on his page:

I agree totally with Mark. Keep your focus on the journey and like all journeys, the path wanders. I have believed this way all my life and yet right now when I’m embroiled in taking care of an elderly (89) father with Parkinsons, COPD, and heart disease with constant challenges (I wanted to keep him at home), I find myself beat down emotionally and unable to keep an even keel on the ship, which then feels like failure all around. Hard to keep a good diet, an exercise program and since I (was) am a writer, focus for my writing. Dad is headed for a short rehab stint after a week in ICU with pneumonia and while this should give me a mental break, I’m feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s almost impossible for me to retain any focus on my own life and no idea how to remedy this. I know Mark has the key, always did, but I’ve lost my calm mind. In need of ballast. Where times of tempest used to be short-lived, days–now I seem perpetually tossed. I hope my metaphors are all working. Mixing them slightly, but at least I’m mostly on the ship (a little on the path–maybe charting a course?) . But you get the point.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Mark Sisson

    1. Thanks Kate. I was just thinking I didn’t feel recharged at all. But I think I really am getting a bit of rest. They took my dad off antibiotic again too soon and he’s regressing some so it may be short lived. But I essentially am getting a change of circumstance. So it will likely help soon! Will go down early and see how it all sits. They. Kick us out early here in Michigan.

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