Carnivore Dreams – A bouquet and a lawsuit

Flowers and thyme

A little out of focus I see. Like me. But this photo shows the thyme the best. My flowers and herbs were fabulous this year and I needed something to remind me there is still beauty in this world.

I’m headed down to talk to the case worker and idiot doctor for my dad– to tell them if they do not restart that antibiotic I am contacting our elder attorney. Every time they stop it–after just a day or two he gets worse. No idea if they’ll be able to send him to rehab since they either release him after one day or don’t treat him properly–all while they talk to me of hospice which is none of their business. Poor guy is making good strides every time, then they set him back.


I hope you have flowers and a happier day than I will have.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – A bouquet and a lawsuit

  1. Sigh. They have folders full of information on people that they do not bother to read. A doctor once had my Dad on a tablet to clear fluid. “It will make his kidneys pump double time to clear the excess away” the doctor happily told me. “You do know he only has one kidney” I said a little concerned..the doctors face turned white and he immediately took Dad off the medication – Dad had helped the kidney removed at the same hospital only the year before. I was so quietly furious that night I couldn’t sleep. The trouble is there are too many of us and the ones that we turn too are often inept – thank God for family who can advocate but it is exhausting. Thinking of you Lynn.

  2. This is just DEAD ON. Dad has been barely living for ten days thanks to them and FINALLY I got a doctor who read his history which is ALL on computers and most been done in that hospital. Very scary. But at least I finally got a good doctor. Put him back on the antibiotics but is also addressing all his health issues and keeping him in there until they are all assessed before sending him to rehab. Been through the mill with those people. And still not sure they haven’t compromised his life here.

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