Carnivore Dreams – Hostage

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I think this will be my last political statement here or anywhere else. What the socialist left has done in this country amounts to a gigantic temper tantrum when they lost the White House. They never let the guy lead. They accuse him of everything they themselves are doing–from colluding with Russia (as they weaponized our own justice department in an actual coup attempt); they accuse him of not paying taxes when he pays millions of dollars in taxes and has donated over a million dollars in salary (while Joe Biden’s son and family trade influence for millions and billions of dollars around the world–it is THEM with a dog in the race); they and their constituents burn down cities in childish tirades all while they accuse the president of doing it–it’s on his watch–it’s all because of HIM — and if we do not give them their way, they will burn down the country.

It’s all HIS fault they carried on full time like asshole children and wouldn’t cut him even the tiniest bit of slack while our journalists have become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the socialist left. All for power.

And the never-Trumpers Republicans liked the status quo. John McCain paid for and/or participated in that fake dossier–all because they didn’t want someone to shake up Washington. Hello Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump has hit back when they started attacking him and the attack has been unprecedented in this country and shockingly unfair. A few liberal journalists and writers are speaking out, but too little too late.

We are hostages and it appears they are persuading way too many stupid people to trade away freedom and the values this country was founded upon by convincing us Donald Trump is everything they are.

Trump is Don Quixote. He’s no politician. He’s a romantic figure, a hero with fatal flaws who has done a great job for this country but is out of his league in politics — maybe….he just might pull this off again…I don’t count him out. He is authentic and that’s why the people love him.

But it appears the American people prefer to be lied to–they prefer good talkers–and they prefer to be held hostage.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the primary, but I realize now that this division and globalist socialism in our country started under Obama and he was the only one with the guts to stand up to it. It’s hard to say if anyone really understands what is happening here. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with totalitarian power.

Trump has tried his best to get people to have faith in our great experiment, but they are bent on globalist socialist bullshit that will end our country and ruin the world. It seems. Unless they are so good at lying to us — manipulating polls and the media to persuade people this is what everyone thinks–and it isn’t what everyone thinks. I fervently hope it isn’t.

We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Hostage

  1. I hate politics and think both sides are wings of the same diseased bird, but you are 100% correct.

    I don’t like Trump (never did), but damn: at least we know what he’s thinking, and he obviously isn’t part of a greater scheme, like the Left and Technocratic Globalism.

    The Obamas, the Clintons, and the Bushes—and I include the Bidens, Pelosis, and the McCains as part of that bunch—are power-hungry, family dynasties. None of them care about this country or its people. (Obviously.).

    We (half of us, anyway) have lost our freedom of speech, free travel, the free press, and free assembly. We’re starting to look positively Soviet.

    I hope your family is doing okay, and that you’re taking time for yourself, even if it’s just to sleep.

  2. You are exactly correct about both parties. I’m a Libertarian-ish and the Bushes/Clintons/McCains/Romneys–they are all the same. Trump is no politician–he’s just tried to stop this globalist socialist garbage, but it appears we want to give up freedom so bad, he can’t stop us. I am just HOPING this is a left wing scam and that the polls are wrong and we aren’t about to give up this country. Small hope.

  3. Never believe the polls. Just refer back to 2016 when Clinton was supposed to win by a landslide. I agree with you 100% Trump was not even given a honeymoon, just attacked by a mob from the start.

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