Carnivore Dreams – Nanny State

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This election is about government’s role and the stark contrast in how the left and right see it. The virus has put the role of government into stark contrast for each party.

So let me ask you. Do we really need government to tell individuals how to deal with this? Is government a parent or does it provide a basic framework to freedom? The left thinks we are too stupid to make these decisions for ourselves. Too childlike.

It’s simple logic. If you err on the side of freedom, nothing is stopping you from hunkering down, wearing masks, protecting yourself. There are ways to do that if you choose to even if others don’t. I’ll be happy to tell you how to accomplish it. On the left, if we go their way– and they are trafficking in fear–there is the danger of losing individual choice, our way of life, our livelihoods, our very country, everything this country was founded upon. The left thinks they can take a national authoritarian approach to not just this virus, but healthcare and every single aspect of our lives. Do you really want government to parent us? Or are you capable of making these decisions for yourself? Taking risks you decide to?

Covid has a mortality rate less than the flu for young people. Do we really want them to give up any kind of normal life or livelihood because we older people can’t take precautions? Which most likely will not work anyway? Or change what we do either way? Look at Sweden now.

This is political and it’s ludicrous.

Always err on the side of freedom or “be happy in this life that you have chosen” (to quote Charles Dickens)

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Nanny State

  1. Lynn I feel exactly like you. I have a friend who told me today, ‘You’re lucky,’ when she got to know my domestic help returned. And to this I said, ‘What’s lucky about it? Isn’t it all about choice? You want to get your maid in, do it.” With Covid around, we can’t stop living. We need to be careful but life has to go on.

  2. Yep. I had someone clean the house every two weeks here before Covid to do heavy stuff. I told her not to come for a while but still paid her. Then I asked her to come back around July, and she just won’t return phone calls or come. I have my dad and a handicapped son to care for full time. Not sure what the scoop is there. But I should probably look around for someone else. A lot on my plate. My dad is in rehab for a few days so a slight breather, but he’ll be back here by first of the week.

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