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Ok I said I wouldn’t post anything else political and soon I won’t– but I just read the New York Times analysis of the debate last night between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. They claim Mike Pence “lied” throughout and went on to list a number of “lies” that were just matters of opinion and nothing more. There is no proof that anything Pence said was a lie, only their perspective on events of the last few years. I think there might have been actual omission while they claim the only lie Harris told was exaggerating job losses from China Trade Deal.


(Backround: I read the New York Times and Huffington Post every day for my leftist take (it’s amounted to spin) so I can critically make sense of all the information out there–I cannot stomach left cable news or even the networks because it is not news and hearing them say it out loud rather than read it is more than I can stomach.) Still, one must read across ideologies to see what is really being left out or skewed.)

Ok, so compare what they call “lies” to actual video I can provide of Kamala Harris lying. The biggest lie is the one they just keep repeating over and over about Charlottesville which is a reprehensible lie–that Trump said there were “good people” on both sides of the altercation, leaving it at that, and calling him a racist, and saying he wouldn’t denounce white supremacy. If you listen to the entire interview, the VERY interview they cite, he was referring to good people who wanted to keep the statues, and right in the interview, he states he is not talking about white supremacists or KKK who need to be condemned. Why the media lets them repeat such a horrible lie is baffling. Let alone repeat it themselves as they’ve done for three years. There is also about half a dozen clips of Trump repudiating these organizations yet Biden is on CNN asking Cooper Anderson if he’d EVER heard Trump do that. And Anderson doesn’t answer, but of course knows he has and does repudiate them repeatedly. This is just shocking to me that journalism has descended to lying like this–they are nothing more than an arm of the socialist party.

(P.s. he denounced them in the debate the other night as well. He didn’t know who Proud Boys were, but it turns out they are not white supremacists at all since their leader is BLACK and they have stands against this. Not much more is known about them, but that much is.)

Lie number two: Kamala Harris claims Pence is lying when he says Biden will end fracking. There are multiple videos of both Biden and Harris saying unequivocally they will do exactly that and end fossil fuels. Yes, Biden has also said he would NOT end fracking–when he plans to phase it out (which do you believe?), but he’s said the opposite repeatedly. Harris is co-author of the ridiculous Green New Deal most of which is actually listed on their website. There is very little difference.

Yet they deny they support it.

While Susan actually did a FAIR job of moderating compared to Chris Wallace who let me down in a big way with his lack of any hard questions of Biden (regardless of Trump stepping all over what was clearly going to be a Biden implosion–Wallace was and has been clearly putting his finger on the debate and this election coverage), she was still pretty easy on Harris. She DID bring up age and fitness for office–pretty clear Trump has a much better constitution here and Biden is suffering from early dementia issues–how serious is hard to say. I’m pretty familiar with Parkinson’s dementia in a mild form and I can assure you it’s still significant in a candidate running for the highest office in the land if not the world. Not saying Biden’s is Parkinson’s type, but I’m familiar with how the drug Nmenda helps for short times early in a disease process. Biden refuses to let people look for earphones or do drug tests.


Kamala Harris is the most liberal person in congress–more liberal voting record than Bernie Sanders. So when Biden is gone it will be her.

So this post once again is about the lack of journalistic integrity more than about the candidates, but people should keep in mind that the left is doing exactly what they accuse the right of–not accepting the election results (they tried to accuse Trump ahead of time in 2016 as WELL ), while they not only refused to accept those results, they orchestrated a phony coup, tore this country apart for three years with criminal lies, and are now tearing it apart supporting “protestors” who are burning our cities to the ground all while they hold us hostage– that it will continue unless we vote in their party and restore their power. One can only hope this manipulation of polls and media are as wrong as they were last time. They sow division at every turn and have from Day One.

And if you think all this is really about race, I have some swampland for you in Florida.

This is not about Donald Trump like they want to make it. If they’d just let him lead and not attacked him and lied about him from day one, he wouldn’t even be reacting to it like he is. How he has stood all this is baffling and he hasn’t come CLOSE to saying or doing anything like what they accuse him of: he’s Hitler, he’s a racist (and they lie to do it), he’s committed treason and colluded with foreign powers (something THEY have done), all for power. I hope people aren’t so stupid that they can’t see Biden is a political hack who lies and says whatever it takes, however the wind blows.

The left are “ends justify the means” people and they will do whatever it takes. Most Republicans have always rolled over. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he didn’t do that.

Donald Trump has done NOTHING authoritarian. He let the states deal with the disease as they needed to and as it was appropriate rather than issuing national mandates as Biden clearly says he wants to do.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the primary in 2016. And I’m a libertarian, so nobody represents my views. But I see Donald Trump as a tragic hero, Don Quixote tilting at windmills, trying to hold off this socialist freight train. If he loses this election, he can be proud he stood up to this train heading our way and he did his best to be real and take on this establishment–neither side liked that. He’s also done a lot of great things along the way: prison reform, peace deals around the world, bringing troops home, moved the embassy that had been promised forever at a fraction the cost, took on China, ended NAFTA and negotiated the USMC Trade deal, made headway in immigration reform (if the Democrats would work with him, he’d allow the DACA kids to stay–but of course they won’t because they hope illegals will someday give them permanent power). He’s actually cleaned up the environment, he’s taken on pharmaceutical companies and gotten prices down he fixed the veterans health care fiasco, he’s done ‘right to try” so terminal people can try experimental drugs and be covered by insurance. If allowed to, he will improve health insurance and keep pre-existing conditions. He’s taken out Al Bagdadi (sp), and Solemeni (sp–I don’t want to look them up). He’s made opportunity zones in inner cities and before this pandemic crap, he’d lowered unemployment AND raised minimum wage to the tune of a swing of $4K for the average family. He’s done more in that time frame than Biden has done in those 47 years, he’s right. And these are just the biggies. Oh, his economy was roaring, last if not least.

We still have a budget deficit that needs attending and never more so than now after this pandemic. The only mistake Trump made was not closing the borders to MORE people sooner, and not getting testing going faster — though you can blame the CDC idiots for a lot of that–and Obama who depleted our PPE stores and botched the Swine flu). Trump probably should have restored that stockpile sooner. It w as nice Trump didn’t hang the CDC out to dry. Otherwise, he’s done as well as you can with this thing. And you better be careful you don’t give up all freedoms for a disease that while serious still has a survival rate of 99%, and nearly 100% for young people–do we want them to give up their lives? Remember, if you w ant to, you can take enough precautions yourself to deal with this. This is something we are going to have live with quite a while. You still are not talking about the Spanish flu, or polio or small pox here. And Trump has done warp speed on therapeutics and this vaccine. Nobody could have done better.

And he’s making the drug he took available to everybody free.

Keep in mind the left wants to stack the Supreme court and add other states, end the electoral college, change all the rules which WILL give them permanent power. The country will be run by these elitist socialists on the coasts and flyover America will be history.

This is about a hell of a lot more than Donald Trump.

I also predict if they get in they will go after the media, what’s left of it. Talk radio and Fox News. They control everything else.

WHY do people have such faith in huge government??

And keep in mind, any scientist or doctor who disagrees with the left view of science or this pandemic is and has been censored a long time–nobody should be censored even if they turn out to be wrong. Certainly doctors and scientists should not be.

Welcome to Soviet Russia or Communist China.

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