Carnivore Dreams- Polls

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These polls cannot be correct or the Democrats would not have been behaving like this from Day One. Or behaving this way now.

Now Nancy Pelosi is saying/hinting they are coming after Trump tomorrow with the 25th Amendment–YET AGAIN. They are taking a huge chance of turning off the American electorate doing such a thing if they were so sure they were going to win. In a month!

They know those polls are wrong. That’s the only explanation here.

They have tried to overturn this election and are willing to do ANYTHING to take this guy down. And I mean ANYTHING. And the only reason for this has to be they know and knew he was going to be vastly popular if they didn’t do any means necessary.

Whatever it takes.

Look carefully at any ideology and people who behave the way they have for four years.

And look at who is acting and advocating authoritarian methods. Using our own justice department against a political opponent.

The left is talking about controlling content everywhere in technology and they already control the media and free speech on most campuses.

This is really getting worrisome. As a writer, this terrifies me–and actually does a few liberal writers. There are quite a list of writers like Margaret Atwood, J.K. Rowling, Matt Taibbi, Michael Tracey, sounding the alarm. About 20 liberal writers signed this open letter to the Atlantic.

If these people get in here, there won’t be much point in writing a thing anymore–it will be a grief process and it will become about finding somewhere to live in the world where your children can have freedom.

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