Carnivore Dreams – Jordan Peterson Repost

I’m posting this again. Pay special attention to the old Soviet joke and watch how our citizens are now behaving. This is HUGE!

Jordan Peterson : News Photo

Jordan.  I promise to post my hopeful post soon.  But today, a warning. Gonna post a long-ish quote by Jordan Peterson. He’s a Jungian (and more). Oh and this quote reminds me of Freud’s ego and the left’s outrageous claim that climate change is a done deal (despite the fact I’m a conservationist).  Great quote:  Parts of it.

“Greatest temptation of the rational faculty is to glorify its own capacity and productions to claim that in the face of its theories nothing transcendent or outside its domain exists.  This means that all important facts have been discovered.  Nothing remains unknown.  …The totalitarian says, in essence, “you must rely on faith in what you already know.”  But that is not what saves.  What saves is the willingness to learn from what you don’t know.  That is faith in the possibility of human transformation …faith in the sacrifice of the current self for the self that could be.  The totalitarian denies the necessity for the individual to take ultimate responsibility for Being.  Everything has been discovered.   All problems will vanish forever, once the perfect system is accepted.  As rationality rose ascendant from the ashes of Christianity, the great threat of total systems accompanied it.  But the promised utopia never emerged.  Instead humanity experienced the inferno of Stalinist Russia and Mao’s China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia.”

Ok, so then he quotes an old Soviet joke and this is terrifyingly appropriate for now and I’m shortening and paraphrasing:

“An American dies and goes to hell.  Satan shows him around.  They pass a large cauldron.  It’s full of suffering souls, burning in hot pitch.  As they struggle to leave, low-ranking devils, sitting on the rim, pitchfork them back in.  Satan says,”That’s where we put sinful Englishmen.”  Tour continues.  Bigger cauldron and hotter.  Devils pitchforking escapees back into this one as well.  “That’s where we put sinful Frenchmen,” Satan says.  In the distance, third cauldron.  Much bigger and glowing hot.   Packed with souls barely visible under the surface of the boiling liquid.  Oddly no devils on rim.  The American asks why this is.  “This is where we put the Russians. If one tries to escape, the others pull him back in.”

A cautionary tale, America.  Look around at how the left is behaving.  People aren’t allowed to disagree with globalist “virtue signalling” –the new morality.  One cannot question climate change and you are literally silenced if not humiliated (or fired) if you disagree or partially disagree or want to see more evidence.  This is true of scientists, not just the general public.  Speakers are not allowed on campuses who disagree with snowflakes.  You must use their new pronoun language or you might be fired (Jordan nearly was in Canada).  You must talk and speak properly in this new order.  And in fact, they are starting to threaten you even if you are SILENT.  They will hunt  you down if you don’t say the right things, they tell you. Even your friends on Facebook will threaten you with unfriending when they can tell your silence means you disagree, and soon it will be governments doing it.  Citizens were forced to salute Hitler in Nazi Germany.  Pay attention, folks.  They are tearing down all American historical culture and the left governing bodies are allowing it in these cities (not that moving confederate statues or renaming military bases might not be in order if people vote for it).  But they are tearing down statues of abolitionists and even Abraham Lincoln.  PAID FOR BY BLACK PEOPLE.  Leave me remind you that slavery did not originate in the US and it was not practiced only by whites.  Leave me remind you that Washington and Jefferson were not real advocates, freed many of their slaves and JOHN ADAMS (part of my ancestral family and yep, I’m proud of this), one of most influential founding fathers, was totally against it, never owned any, paid black workers and tutored black people.  He was vocal about what an abomination it was constantly and that it would come back to haunt them–yet he knew his power was limited at that time in history.  So our country was not “founded on slavery.”  It existed and was railed against at the time by many of the founding fathers who wanted to change it.  And of course, we did.

They are killing innocent people, ruining livelihoods, burning cities and costing us millions of dollars–and then they plan to hit the US government and taxpayers up for the bill.

People are being cancelled for things they said 30 years ago.  Freedom of speech is no longer tolerated.  It’s getting to be like the  Soviet Union.  “You have freedom of speech.  You can say anything you want.  Once.”  This country used to believe in t he first amendment.  Even hate speech was tolerated in its honor.  Now only “true” speech is tolerated and censored on every platform.

God save me from the “arbiters of Truth.”

Your neighbors now will report you if you choose not to wear a face mask or you are violating one of their new civil liberties laws.  It’s our NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS pulling us back into the cauldron.

Welcome to the new order.

I have a post I’ve been working on, partly written by my writer friend who happens to be black that is so hopeful.  It’s too bad George Floyd has been hijacked for the new socialist order.  I am not saying my friend agrees with me on any of the above or what I just said about the hijacking.  Just that his post is still hopeful about people in general.  I’ll get it up soon.

However, I’ve had some personal problems.  Ill friends and the deaths of long time friends lately and with everything else on my plate, I haven’t gotten the post ready.

Don’t be led by these virtue signalling left people to destroy America, folks.  People come here from all over the world.  Of course, once America is no longer free, they will stop coming.  And at least our immigration problem will be solved.  Don’t listen to their talk of John Lennon’s utopia–look at what they are DOING to America and to civil liberties.  Take a look at history and how horrible socialism and communism are and what happened under their regimes. Take a look at what the Obama administration did to Donald Trump–even if you hate his guts.  The left media is turning a blind eye to the biggest government abuse in American history–just to take him down.  Donald Trump will eventually be gone, but the legacy of what has happened here will take this country down — if they don’t address it.   We’ll see when the Durham Report is released.

Happy Friday, folks.  I promise to post something light- hearted and hopeful soon. Hamburgers on the grill.

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