Carnivore Dreams – Hello 1984

The New York Post, one of the four oldest newspapers in the U.S., founded by Alexander Hamilton published an article they say they have verified about Hunter Biden’s laptop (obtained from a computer repair guy, given first to the FBI –another deep-state situation), and then given finally to Rudi Giuliani’s attorney. After he made four copies for his friends in case they killed him). It implicates Hunter, his partners, and his father, Joe Biden, in an influence scheme that reveals Biden in a best case scenario- participating in swamp corruption; in a worst case scenario, compromising national security and committing treason.

Not only are other leftist rags not covering it or investigating it, Twitter and Facebook are not allowing anyone to post a link to this information. Still. This is completely and utterly shocking. (They are also refusing to post links to any other reputable doctors or researchers or even doctors on the president’s task force who disagree with Fauci and the left’s position on lockdowns and masks. This despite the fact that the WHO came out against lockdowns in the last week and there has always been conflicting information on masks).

Who do these people think they are? They are private but if they are “editors” they can be sued. They can also be deleted by private citizens. There is a new social media site called Parler I will be signing up for as I’ve already de-activated Facebook — my son will help me get pictures off it and delete it permanently. There is no way we can allow these people to have any information about us. I don’t Twitter, so no problem there.

This, again, mind you, after Facebook and Twitter allowed every unverified bit of Russian disinformation printed by the New York Times and Buzzfeed that has since been refuted (paid for by Hillary Clinton) to be posted and reposted ad nauseum. And still is. They allow them to repost complete lies (such as Trump has never denounced white supremacy and all kinds of violence when he’s done it a dozen times on tape). The list goes on also ad nauseum.

The left goes unchallenged by major newspapers to change language: court packing no longer means increasing the NUMBER of jurists on the supreme court as it meant for 150 years and like would happen in a third world country by the reigning party, to now mean filling a vacant spot with elected senators and the elected president with “too many conservatives justices” they don’t like. Trump is already “packing the court.” Nobody calls them on this. They rewrite language, rewrite the rules, and they plan to rewrite the US constitution.

This better terrify everyone in this country. The mere fact that they are pulling this off — or think they are–or are trying to do it at all — tells us the state of the first amendement in this country.

About Orwell’s 1984:

As with the names of the other ministries in Oceania, the name Ministry of Truth means the opposite of what it says. If the Ministry of Love is the place of torture and hate, the Ministry of Truth is where lies are manufactured. Winston works here, rewriting old news articles to reflect the Party’s latest version of reality and throwing the old articles down a “memory hole” where they are incinerated. The Ministry of Truth reflects the Party’s belief that power is the only truth and that those with the power can make the “truth” into whatever they choose.

Welcome to the new “Woke” generation. They have been busily rewriting not only history, but literature and classics in our major universities–I know this as I was an adjunct English professor in a university in Michigan. I can give you examples of how this has been working in another post. But briefly, every classic in literature is being re-interpreted in light of post colonialism, post structuralism. Groundbreaking work against slavery like Heart of Darkness is now being taught as a racist novel. This list goes on and on. “Literary theory” is now ONE theory — as if it arrived by immaculate conception — nothing before and nothing after — the new socialist doctrine and everything is being taught through this lense. They are teaching “critical race theory” which is part of the Marxist manifesto to our military and in other government agencies. Private companies are doing so as well. All this has nothing to do with race–it’s being used to promote a Marxist agenda. Black Lives Matter just removed their Marxist platform (and their advocation to eliminate the nuclear family) from their website. Because people were catching on.

What does that have to do with race?

We are now canceled or fired for not using their pronouns or for disagreeing with their view that America is systemically racist. Agreeing –even if one were inclined to do so — means we agree to their socialist agenda.

I believe Joe Biden and his son were selling access all over this world. That Hunter was cutting “the big guy” Joe in on this mess, and I hope they dig into this and find out. No wonder China has been eating our lunch. BTW, the Bidens are not claiming this is not Hunter’s laptop. Not a bit of it. Meantime, Hunter’s partner, now languishing in jail, decided he didn’t want to be the only one and gave Breitbart his password which confirms all this mess. It needs to be investigated properly. But the difference in hard evidence from what they did to Trump is breathtaking. We’ll see if anyone reports on this. The details can be found at the New York Post website.

More worrisome is the state of journalism in this country. I once again post Matt Taibbi’s article, Matt who worked for The Rolling Stone, and is one of the few liberal voices raising the alarm (along with a few liberal literary writers who have tried to do so–Margaret Atwood and J.K. Rowling to name two.

Here is Matt Taibbi’s article. Click on the sentence before this to read Matt’s fabulous article. He’s no Trump fan, either.

Joe is right that this election is about the soul of America–and he’s likely sold his to the devil –oh, and to Russia, the Ukraine, and yep, China.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Hello 1984

  1. All the more reason we must vote for Donald Trump. Despite how one feels about the man he is America’s only hope. ALL the fake news now is anti Trump. It is so obvious it’s frightening.
    There’s a vaccine available to cure covid but the Democrats would rather see people die than cure them all to get rid of Trump. Think about that.
    We have no idea the trouble we all are already in.
    And pray.
    Very very hard. Pray.

  2. I just hope he can pull out another miracle. With every bit of the establishment coming after him (including that idiot Christopher Wray), it will be tough. I already voted absentee since I’m taking care of my dad. Small town in the U.P. very conservative area, so am sure my vote will count. Others might not be so lucky.

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