Carnivore Dreams – 1984 cont.

Never in my life would I have imagined a situation like this in America.

Hunter Biden’s business partner made a statement yesterday that only Fox News covered live, turned over his cell phone. His other partner, Cooney, gave Breitbart his email password to confirm that this laptop is indeed Hunter Biden’s and that Joe Biden was involved in this influence scheme to sell us out to China, Russia, and compromise national security and more, during his entire time in office and afterward.

It defies all reason why the mainstream media is not covering this story after what they did to Trump on no evidence. And they think they can just call it “Russian disinformation” with no evidence AGAIN and with two actual partners of Hunter’s making statements — and these idiot Democrats will believe it — some just don’t care because they actually want America to become a socialist country and they are globalists who hate America and nothing Biden is doing is in conflict with those goals.

Yet it’s still freaking amazing to me that these people can censor real information like this. Twitter still has not restored the New York Post’s account. The fourth oldest newspaper in this country, founded by Alexander Hamilton. This is something I never would have believed could happen here.

This behavior by journalists and our media (and our intelligence agencies) since Trump was elected is something that would happen in a third world country. Also shocking, Christopher Wray has been acting very strangely as far as dealing with these obvious abuses and now we find out they have had this laptop since Dec. 2019, in the middle of this impeachment fiasco–they actually impeached Donald Trump for ASKING for a legitimate investigation into obvious real corruption. And they had real information that it was true.

They have maligned and impugned the character of Donald Trump, accused him of everything they have been doing all along.

If you want a state run health system, a state run new organization “Ministry of Truth;” if you want your cities burned down all while they remove your second amendment rights to protect yourself and your home, if you want illegal criminals running all over “sanctuary cities;” health care for illegal aliens; amnesty for every criminal who sets foot in this country; if you want “critical Marxist race theory” taught to your children, (Black Lives Matter said they adopted Marxist principles and wanted the demise of the nuclear family) if you want to be censored and cancelled and called a hater if you disagree with anything these haters impose on us; if you are fine with them rewriting the truth and ignoring every “inconvenient truth;” (and it is THEM who is lying to you); if you want higher taxes, no school choice, actual race segregation and identity division, vote for Joe Biden, one of the most corrupt hack DC swamp creatures to ever exist in Washington.

And you better realize they have been lying about climate change to control people and get power. It has no resemblance to real conservation measures.

With climate change and health care, and loss of the second amendment, they can control EVERYTHING WE DO. And everything we do with our bodies.

Meanwhile, Trump has another middle east peace deal, better relations with North Korea, shut down Iran with sanctions, provided opportunity zones, done prison reform, lowered unemployment to lowest rates ever for blacks and women and hispanics, lowered drug prices, secured the border, fought this disease the best it could have been done (remember Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and deBlasio AND EVEN FAUCI all said to ignore Trump’s hysterics, that this was not something to worry about, when he closed the travel from China and Europe and got busy dealing with something that was likely inevitable — people travel to the US more than any other country in the world). Trump will not shut down the economy or impose on your constitutional rights (though of course you have the right to protect yourself if you need to). Trump has also gotten therapeutics up and running and the death rate is way down even as we do more and more testing to find cases up.

But I have never ever seen anything like this in the media. They have always leaned left, but to actually lie and refuse to cover the truth is something I wouldn’t have believed possible to this extent. They don’t care because they can either impeach Biden or use the 25th amendment on him and get the far left crazies in there.

The left has decided that it’s their job not to report the truth, but to get Joe Biden elected.

Welcome to Russia under Stalin, folks. Be happy if you choose Biden.

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