Carnivore Dreams – One Year Report

I have promised to give my one-year update on the Carnivore diet to a person who ran my testimonial a year ago on his carnivore site. I promised to do that within a week and will do that and post it here as well. SO stay tuned, my friends.

Meantime, I’m putting Dad’s legs back inside the bed every so often–I stay up until at least 5) so he doesn’t fall out and I’m watching When Harry Met Sally. I’ve been watching Meg movies all week. Kate and Leopold, Harry and Sally, Joe Vs. the Volcano–love it. I guess it had bad reviews, now has a cult following. Jumping into the Big Woo might seem silly but the whole movie was a metaphor. Get ready to jump.

I will watch In and Out with Kevin Kline next. I can’t believe you can’t get French Kiss on Prime. That would have been a nice Meg follow up. I can always fall back on Sleepless or You’ve Got Mail. to complete the veg. We’ll see later in the week. I haven’t seen Call of the Wild.

According to my new plan, I don’t work on Sundays or exercise.

Watching these movies is surreal. It’s like watching foreign flicks or something that would be happening on Mars as they represent some other world. Some other people in it.

Life is different now.

We see behind the curtain and we know exactly who these people are. They really think they can attack us like this for four years, break laws, lie, misrepresent the truth in ways that are breath-taking and in ways that has never happened in this country, count phony votes, and now because Joe Freaking corrupt Biden says he’s gonna unite the country, we are all singing koombaya? They actually think after refusing to recognize our duly elected president and throwing the temper tantrum of all time, politicizing every single thing we do from going to the bathroom to watching our favorite sports team, calling us chumps and deplorables, weaponizing the justice department, getting illegal warrants to spy on a political campaign, that all this will go back to “normal” because a few cowardly elitist Republicans were on their side. After all this, we KNOW they have cheated in this process because we watched them lie and cheat for four years. They think we’ll believe them now? THEY tore this country apart and you have so far at least 71 million people who now know how this all works. We’ve seen the great and powerful Oz now behind the curtain and we know what elitist globalists have in mind for us.

Declassify it all, Donald.

Guess again.

Put us on the purge list, we dare you.

But I suspect we’ll get the senate here, and if we don’t get the House now, we’ll get it in the midterms. And guess what, folks, we have the dirt, real dirt, on the Biden crime family and the votes we’ll need to get rid of them if we choose to. Because unlike these idiots, we have real evidence of at least conflicts of interest and compromised foreign policy, at worst there is real graft and money laundering. And proof Joe was part of it.

We suspected for a while we couldn’t even trust much of Fox News and now we know we can’t. Except Tucker, Laura Ingraham. Hannity.

Meantime, I am pretty sure we’ll get Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, and either Pennsylvannia or Michigan once the votes are accurately counted. That’s an IF. We’ll see how it all shakes out and what the supreme court does. But I suspect this is the closest election ever–odd Biden has jsut enough to win.

But this is no longer about Donald Trump. 71 million people know just how corrupt these Democrats are and how low they will stoop. And since we know just how low they’ll go, we know how to deal with them. We see they plan to censor us, make lists (check it out — AOC and others have a punishment list just like J. Edgar Hoover meets Joe McCarthy meets Stalin), suppress news everywhere. Always before in elections, we moved on, but nobody is moving on here. They think they’ve been attacking Donald Trump, lying about him–they’ve been attacking US.

Even if we are sure this election turned out fairly (and I doubt highly that will ever happen — we’ll have that assurance 00what a freaking joke), we aren’t living Russia under Stalin. Americans do not capitulate.

It’s sad to lose friends you love or to watch these movies and remember peace. To realize how little you really have in common with some of these people. My high school friend posted things like all those that don’t support BLM are racists. And Trump was Hitler. When it’s them using fascist tactics. Now they want us to all “love” and hold hands.

It likely would not have happened if they had behaved like normal people. But they didn’t. They have no intention of letting us live and express opinions different than theirs. They don’t want unity, they want capitulation.

Again, guess again.

But now that this election is over, pushing these legal battles will just warm us up and we will get up and running. We are no longer playing defense, either way. Even if Trump wins. We know now we need our own media platforms, our own entertainment companies, our own universities or defund the ones we have, until they stop censoring thought. Stave the beast as one of my blogger friends so eloquently put it.

We will stop paying. For all of it.

71 million REAL votes is the most any president has received fairly. We h ave no idea how many votes Biden really got. It remains to be seen if we’ll find out. But already this feels better to be on offense. There are things to do now and we know how to do them.

If we lose the senate, we’ll get by under fascism and even get our bearings, earn back some peace and equilibrium because we are not basically miserably unhappy people like they are — but they miscalculated because Trump has expanded this electorate into conservative minorities who aren’t socialists or atheists, and are starting to realize it. No more elitist globalist Democrats for them soon. Let’s just open those borders and let the conservatives in.

I have to smooth out, but not lose my inner peace. That’s a first.

But I can feel us settling in and out of defensive posture. Even if Trump wins. We know just who they are now.

And none of it has to do with Donald Trump. Not at all.

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