Carnivore Dreams – Daily Grind

Back to work. Right now, I’m into company books. It’s a gray day here in northern Michigan, not as warm. We just went through those November gales that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald, unseasonably warm then, too. But I have my great brew, my son Josh hanging with me as I work.

So will let them fight the good fight. It’s clear they need to get to the bottom of this software issue and be sure that wasn’t hacked or didn’t glitch. And of course, numerous irregularities need to be dealt with, even people prosecuted or we’ll never have any confidence in our elections. Voter ID, signatures, duh. Mail-in voting rules are not appropriate now and need much more oversight and voting at least for president may be one thing that needs uniform national rules. It’s a national election afterall, at least for president. And it’s been too corrupt, too long. They must purge dead people from the rolls as much as Democrats love to keep that voting base. It would not surprise me to find out there was actual fraud in that software or other ways, but will leave them to it to play out. Ah, I see the Republican legislature in MI wants a hand count due this software and other irregularities. We’ll see, I guess. Both MI and GA handcounts will tell if there’s anything to this. I hope that happens. Signatures are a problem because if they are wrong, you can’t tell how that person voted, though we have a good idea. Ha.

But we’ll just see how that goes. We have our own personal plans for moving forward and am pretty sure if others follow suit we will have some real impact — many people protesting Fox News’ censorship of Gingrich on Soros; this hideous polling which serves to mould the public and/or suppress voters; Wallace’s pathetic questions of Joe Biden –only one question that was hard, packing the court and he didn’t even make him answer it; calling AZ when it’s still too close to call. We’ve moved to Newsmax where they are giving the full story, turning back to Tucker Carlson and evening shows for now. I’ve deleted Twitter which I only had to follow Tim Allen anyway, and Facebook will be gone soon. And will work toward the push to defund public universities that are censoring thought, promote home schooling, and no promote Hollywood or most sports will continue for our household. I always believed hearing other ideas was good and never would have censored the left, but this is not acceptable.

The virus: We have high risk folks so we will voluntarily be careful outside and in establishments, use curbside a while, and we have a small family and will be careful over the holidays. Leave the constitutional rights of young people to them to defend. They will need to stand up to this nanny state if we want to keep our country and any kind of future. We’ll see how they do. Do what you can and let go and let God. That’s what my Nanna used to say.

And with those measures, it’s time to move on. To get back into a life. Diet, exercise, writing. Cooking. (I have my Christmas presents all wrapped.) Limiting media of all kinds. None of it easy with this caregiving schedule. I’m not even up until 11 a m now, but I think I can write over night soon.

Hang in there, folks. It’s Friday and that’s always nice. Ah, a nice sip of dark roast…

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