Carnivore Dreams – Dominion Voting Machines

Photo by cottonbro on Wow. Trump's attorney is talking right now. The new woman, Sidney Powell. After they claimed voting machines were NOT online when we were talking about Russia interference four years ago, we find out now, they were used in Venezuela, (to steal their elections) WERE online and votes were being counted … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Dominion Voting Machines

Carnivore Dreams – Michigan Virus Restrictions

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Governor Whitmer has closed restaurants, high schools and colleges, ordered work from home, and frowned on Thanksgiving gatherings. Effective Wednesday for three weeks. Oh, and Thanksgiving gatherings open only with "two household gatherings." We would have three. Now the latter is just incredibly ridiculous. It can't be enforced and … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Michigan Virus Restrictions

Carnivore Dreams – Day Four — state of things

Just wings for me and some cream, my own special Bailey's type creation --yesterday. Worked out ok. Today will be a breakfast steak and eggs and some hamburger for dinner, I think. Bear with me a while longer: It's always interesting to read the blogs of people around the world who always keep up with … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Day Four — state of things