Carnivore Dreams – Day Five – Random Thoughts

Never clearer than listening to senate hearings on Big Tech. Lindsay Graham asked both companies if they’d seen The Social Dilemma. Incredibly neither had. If you haven’t, y ou should. Fascinating, though it seemed their solution to this problem was to regulate content and algorithms. He asked them if they considered their services addictive and whether they might not cause other psychological problems they were contributing to society. I think they are fairly aware how divisive those platforms have been. But of course, they reitereated all the good things they think they are doing.

Of course, the difference in what gets flagged or censored is not of debate. Regardless of what they say. 92% of Facebook employees are liberal and even higher on Twitter. Not a coincidence that unproven garbage against Trump and the Steele Dossier or hacked tax returns (supposedly against Twitter policy) never got censored, just to name a couple, but the New York Post was. Not hacked and demonstrably true.

So we wait and see if anything comes of this Dominion voting machine fiasco or the other irregularities. It’s so obvious that election integrity needs massive work, so I hope at the least this will result from this probe. Election machines should NOT be online; they said they weren’t. And people need to be allowed from both parties to check signatures and observe counting. Paper ballots would be much safer for everything.

But today was shower day for Dad. Nurse is due shortly to check things. Scallop pasta for Dad and son Josh while I’ll fast or nibble on leftover hamburger. A side is not easy –things Dad won’t choke on. No lettuce. Traditionally salad goes with pasta. And bread. Neither of which he should have. I wouldn’t like it, but maybe a red sauce with the scallops for Dad. A few mixed veggies with the spaghetti sauce added. Yesterday, I cheated slightly on carnivore and had a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, fine on Keto. But will head back to carnivore. My slight “cheats” will still be keto and carb restricted though the holidays.

It’s snowing and 32 degrees. Not that it will stick. The wind swirls spitting snow in little funnel clouds that seem to disappear before they even hit the ground. A fire in the woodstove is in order. I’ll walk the dog if I can find a good scarf, and then work on editing my woodfire cookbook/memoir.

Tomorrow 45 and sunny. And I’ll try to neaten up the garden more if not blow some more leaves.

Yesterday was full body workout and my “full body” is sore now, especially my legs. So walking the dog and a half hour on the stationary bike sounds about right. Tomorrow yard work, Thurs. doctor appointment for Dad so just yoga — and friday another full body and by then my full body should be less sore and maybe even less “full.” One hopes. My one year report in on this website is due so I must get to that soon.

My husband is worried about having the kids come for Thanksgiving, though my daughter and son-in-law will be tested pretty close to arrival, my son possibly working from home the week before. His girlfriend works at Jimmy Johns but isn’t in real close proximity to people for long. So we will reassess next week.

Happy Tuesday, folks.

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