Carnivore Dreams – Hang on Michigan! – Wayne County Refuses to Certify!

Lansing, United States – May 24, 2014 – The Michigan State Capitol as viewed from within Downtown Lansing, with trees, plants, office buildings, and pedestrians and cars and a driver in the foreground, and a blue sky with clouds in the background.

Ok, folks, see this picture? Just south, I think it is, on the right is where I used to work, in the next block. It’s where I met my husband. This is the Michigan State Capitol On the left is a steak house I used to love called the Knight Cap. I now live in Antrim County, MI where they caught this Dominion nightmare.

Wayne County, MI (where they stole this election from Trump) has REFUSED to certify their election. Which means it goes to the legislature I believe. (Woops, I guess it goes to STATE canvassers, first, but they are half Republican/half Democrat. Not sure if the Secretary of State socialist babe has a vote. But then it’s the legislature.



Maybe Michigan will make history.

**It appears they reversed their decision. I’m sure they were threatened. Or bought off. Why would they change their minds?

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