Carnivore Dreams — Cave in to Liberal Mob?

Photo by Anon on Wayne County. Detroit, MI. Republicans KNOW this election shouldn't be certified but they called them racists, threatened them with what I'm sure they interpreted as physical harm-- if not that -- unrelenting political attacks -- and they caved. And we know that's where they stole it. Wayne County. What a … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams — Cave in to Liberal Mob?

Carnivore Dreams – Day five (I think)

I'll get to my carnivore report in a bit. Jonathon Turley, a Democrat, was interviewed expressing great alarm at Biden's intention to curtail free speech with this apparent appointment. It's hard to believe all this. This is THE most alarming thing these Biden socialists have said yet. They plan to control information. I'll be getting … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Day five (I think)