Carnivore Dreams – Day five (I think)

I’ll get to my carnivore report in a bit. Jonathon Turley, a Democrat, was interviewed expressing great alarm at Biden’s intention to curtail free speech with this apparent appointment. It’s hard to believe all this. This is THE most alarming thing these Biden socialists have said yet. They plan to control information. I’ll be getting involved to fight this garbage over the next four years. This is fascism. Just take a look at what this guy published. As a writer, I am terrified of what they have in mind.

For FOUR years, these people have claimed Trump colluded with Russia to win the election and he was illegitimate. NOW, we are not going to be allowed to say that. Already, they aren’t allowed to say or have anyone on there that there was election fraud even on Fox News–not that there IS fraud. We don’t know for sure y et. But nobody stopped these idiots from coming on every station for four years and accusing Trump of treason. Compare him to Hitler. Not even on Fox News.

And now we are to be silenced if we even question what’s gon on here.


1984 here we come. See here

Now to my health report. I am waiting a day or two to see just how much poundage I’ve gained over the last month of disaster–taking care of my dad in hospitals, etc. I know it’s at least six-seven pounds. Interestingly, instead of my usual cheating habits, I’ve kept my meat consumption high and mostly cheated on sugar: ice cream, candy bars, rather than cutting back on protein when I cheat. I think this has resulted in my retaining more muscle.

I am not sure I won’t adjust my ideal weight up a bit. It might be more like 122 rather than what I thoughtw as 116 or so. But will see.

It’s always interesting to see if you can retain it and lose some weight–I’m definitely too heavy for my back and frame — and still retain muscle, but if I start out with a bit more initially, it may help.

Yesterday was mostly fasting, a few bites of leftover burger and a couple scallops. Skipping pasta for those guys obviously.

I definitely got lots of exercise today, walking, biking, etc.

And I edited another 30 pages on my memoir/cookbook. So things plug along.

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