Carnivore Dreams – Not Rocket Science – Re-education?

Ok, folks, this is NOT rocket science here.

In FOUR YEARS did you ever hear “Dictator” Trump talk about “re-education camps?” The closest you got to that is him STOPPING “re-education” of critical race theory in government programs. Did he ever try NO (God knows he didn’t succeed) in controlling any part of this media? For God Sake?

For FOUR years, they accused President Trump WITH NO EVIDENCE of being a traitor and influencing our elections with Russia’s help. But they can’t even allow HIM to suggest such a thing and look into it for a month? Give me a break.

Folks, this is just not rocket science. Take a look at who is censoring people, who is controlling the news, and who is accusing people with no evidence. Pay attention to who is using totalitarian tactics.

Take a look at these idiots. There are lists for Trump staff and even Trump supporters, and now this. You should be able to open this .

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