Carnivore Dreams Day Seven-Ponderingson US future

My favorite picture to ponder over.

I have still been eating a bit more keto than straight carnivore. I have to consider this aherence to the diet, especially through the holidays since I’ll have a bit of wine and rum and things. I had some peanut butter, though, last night, perfectly keto, but it doesn’t agree with me–woke up with stuck eyes. I’m ok with a little wine or rum, but I need some snacks — so will get online here and buy some jerky — hard to find some without junk in it that is the right texture. I like itk chewy, real chewy, since it takes the place of salty snacks. Hate it mushy which seems to be the case with grass fed stuff. So will see what I can find.

It’s gloomy today, so I wish you all a good day and hope your skies are sunnier.

State of things in the US. (I always think people from other countries ought to not make judgments about a place in which they do not live.) It’s incredible they do. Like THEY live here. We Americans don’t even know that much about other countries and their governments (maybe partly because we’re too egocentric), but if we did, we would respect the opinions of those who lived there–or at least not presume to know better. Or tell them how to live (I’m not talking about military meddling which Donald Trump tried to stop–I refer to regular people and their attitudes). But it happens repeatedly. I don’t mean in replies to me, though it’s happened, but in other blogs from places. Instead of writing about their own countries, they write about ours. Canada is the worst transgressor, folks from there, which may make sense since they may be most affected by US policy, (they still do NOT live here and therefore shouldn’t be making judgments to the extent they do) and it happens from all over. UK next, I’d say. But how in the world do they make these judgments when they do not live here. Period. It’s just like people who make judgments about other peoples’ marriages. They can’t. Yet they do it. Something they can’t possibly know anything about. There is even this feeling that even though this is a blog, we should not be giving our points of view or expressing anything but “unity.”

Right. That’s what they did for four years.

I see Joe Biden already couldn’t handle questions from the press and Kamala Harris had to step in. Or the press asked her the question because they could see he was struggling without a teleprompter. The press hid this from the people, kept him in the basement, limited ad lib responses by him and covered that he mostly didn’t know where he was, what techonology was current, and what office he was running for. But they don’t care. They had already looked into the 25th amendment, because they plan to remove him soon. In favor of the far left socialist. Sad for Biden on his birthday, but he won’t be there long. I’ll be surprised if it’s a year. Incredible behavior from the American press to cover like this for him. They’ll remove him with the utmost compassion. They are cut throat. But they’ll do it with such LOVE.

I am not convinced Trump will be able to address this election fraud since I can’t imagine the supreme court wants to take that case. He’s done his best to keep freedom here. It is unclear whether these issues can be corrected in time for the Georgia run-off. But history will be kind to Donald Trump if they don’t manage to “re-educate” everyone and rewrite history as they plan. And the extent of this election mess is vast.

First, they told us before no voting machines were online. And they are! Who would ever trust an election that is online? And then all these ridiculous mail in voting.

And the virus.

The CDC and the WHO are against these people closing schools (in Michigan they have closed the high schools and universities, but at least kept K-8 or whatever open). But they are doing it all over the country. Whitmer has issued an edict saying we can’t gather for Thanksgiving for more than two households. As Newsom has done in CA and worse–all while he parties on. (And she will as well as she had her hair done while we couldn’t.) We will have horribly corrupt government until they are required to live under every law they impose upon us–including healthcare. There is no way in hell they should get anything other than the exact same government healthcare they want us to have. And these politicians should have term limits. There is no way they should make a career out of being a politician. Our forefathers had livelihoods they returned to and they volunteered this service to their country essentially.

BTW, my dad has home health care. NOT ONE of his health care workers voted for Joe Biden. HEALTH care workers! Who you’d think would be sure, to hear the Democrats, that Trump had killed everyone and totally mishandled the virus. I’m talking a total of 8 people who have been here.

Joe Biden has never had a job, or only one short term job, in his life. So he has no idea what it’s like to live in the real world. As many of the politicians do not. Unlike Donald Trump.

But they had better clean up this election fraud and mess because nobody has confidence in it. They had better get voter ID and signature verification and more going here because if they don’t, they will have a civil war on their hands soon. You can see it coming. These people are not going to accept elections they have no confidence in.

After four years of false attacks, many illegal and/or personal FALSE attacks, and their refusal to let this president lead, for even a moment–, and this election fraud which is obvious,– the behavior of the media,– these people just do not believe this election was not stolen. If there would have been any generosity along those lines, the media and Democrat party demolished it. They’ve watched every dirty trick in the book be employed for four years and they do not trust the Democratic party OR the press to tell them the truth. Even Fox News. Because Fox News legitimized these claims for four years by the Democrat party, at least let them make the claim daily with absolutely no evidence–anonymous sources, whistleblowers, illegal justice department behavior, every attempt to overturn that election–Even Fox had them on DAILY –, but won’t even interview people with real evidence. Who knows the extent of the fraud because they won’t investigate it. Or wait for it to be presented even.

So why not let them talk and let it play out? The fact that all these news organizations won’t do that means they must have something to hide. Or power structures they must submit to (Fox refused to let Newt Gingrich criticize George Soros.) Makes no sense to do this. It will have the opposite effect of what they want — and it is.

And they are talking about “re-education.”

That is not going over here.

Along with their unconstitutional and idiot covid restrictions.

It’s a perfect storm. All with Biden not fit to lead like we tried to tell them — and authoritarians like Harris ready to step in.

It’s a sad situation.

Well, I have groceries to unload, exercise to do, a memoir to edit, and I need to hose down. And it’s 1:20 already.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams Day Seven-Ponderingson US future

  1. Hi Lynn, I was going through my recipes and found your Grandma Luella”s recipe for Custard. I remember your mom making it whenever anyone got sick. If you would like it let me know and i’ll send it to you. You are doing an awesome job and I very proud of you Love ya also. Ginny

  2. Ginny, send it to me!! I remember that recipe and it was the first thing I ever tried cooking for myself when we lived in the red house there! I am not sure if it’s around in these boxes or not. Dad might like to have some, too. XO Love to everyone and happy holidays!

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