Carnivore Dreams – Day 8 –Jung Reminder

It’s easy to forget.

My dad, who has Parkinson’s, does weird things in his sleep. Looks like he’s sipping from a cup, and he makes another motion with both his hands that looks like he’s fastening something, buttoning, or even sewing. I was right on the former–I asked him what he was doing when he was half asleep –drinking out of the radiator. It seems to be a sign that his CO2 levels are elevated, making his Parkinson’s symptoms worse. Once he had carotid artery surgery and the drugs made him crazy. The nurses had me talk to him in the night, he said something about this train or something like that. All very involved. And something about “it all had to end sometime.”

That was five years ago at least.

I haven’t been remembering my dreams and I’m sure it’s because I’m distant from my fantasy project. For those of you not following a while, I always try to “invoke” my mother, who has passed. Something I’m exploring in my next novel. (To be up to speed, read the paragraphs in the side bar.) I miss her more than ever as it gets harder to care for my dad. But I’m not dreaming much, and that always seems bad for me. I’ll do some dream incubating and see if that helps.

Tomorrow is Yoga and cleaning house. Sunday I have to entertain for my dad–his buddies come over for football. It’s nice for him and he really looks forward to it. But it feels like a bit of a burden, house cleaning and more cooking than it would seem like. Especially with the kids coming for the holiday soon. Lists to make. (They are all getting tested before heading up.) But Dad doesn’t have much to look forward to. He wants to serve his buddies shirred eggs this Sunday. I know. It’s crazy. Football food? But he loves my shirred eggs so much, he wants me to make them for his friends. You have to like poached eggs essentially. Cream, butter, cheese, eggs, chives, bacon (and he’s requested Hollandise to boot), baked in little bowls in the oven, served runny-ish for him.

Today was a fast day and tomorrow I’ll roast a chicken, but maybe a steak for breakfast. I need chicken drippings to help make gravy for next Sat. (we’ll have big dinner on Sat.). I have a 16 pound turkey from Butherbox. And will buy a honey baked ham. Lots of leftovers and soup and things. Chili for football Thanksgiving Day since we won’t all have gathered by then. Pulled pork quesadillas on Friday — I might just have pork and cheese and things. But should be good.

Jung — dreams and synchronicity.


Two very important things in an examined life. I have serendipity on — a movie which has played a huge synchronistic part in my life in the past. I LOVE the sound track to this movie. Moonlight Kiss.

And When You Know.

And When You Know.

I bought Amazon Music. Great soundtrack. I’m writing this late at night for an early morning post…Maybe a sip of black rum while I listen is in order…

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