Carnivore Dreams – Gratitude

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Gratitude. My buddy Mark Sisson, wondered if it was possible for people to feel real grattitude to something bigger if they didn’t believe in a higher power. While I am not big on organized religion since it seems to just be mostly exclusionary and judgmental, I am a spiritual person. Now moreso than ever.

Leftism has become a religion. Many are atheists and since it seems intrinsic to the human condition to worship something, they seem to have replaced God with the State (God is at least something not concrete like the “state”–not something with actual in real time power) — not something new in human history — and always with disastrous results. Enemies lists, “accountability” for Trump supporters. Censorship in general, the disastrous media.

It’s important to condemn ideologies like these are manifesting, and not individuals, or there is no hope for going forward.

It is amazing, though, that for four years liberals have been allowed, even on Fox News, to accuse Donald Trump of treason and stealing an election, full time, without evidence, without anyone saying it was a threat to our democracy or the legitimacy of his presidency, but he can’t investigate obvious fraud for a few weeks without threatening it. And they lied and cheated about all that. Even weaponizing our justice dept. So forgive us if we don’t believe they are completely innocent now.

Democrats have been voting dead people for decades.

Give me a break.

These narratives and censorship are the most dangerous thing happening now.

So it’s more important than ever for me to have some kind of faith in a higher power that somehow this will all shake out.

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