Carnivore Dreams – Happy Monday-Grateful Week – Day Seven

The shirred eggs were good, better than these by far, but as usual, I forgot to take a picture of them.

Today is grocery shopping, shower lady, and some work on a faucet. Bills. Exercise. Day one of Thanksgiving prep. The turkey and pork shoulder are thawing out in the fridge in the travel trailer. Ah, I just remembered I can cook soemthing in THAT oven! Forgot all about that. Better fill up on propane. The ham can hang out there in the oven. We’re having a turkey and a ham this year, lots of leftovers. Frees up oven for dressing and sides.

We will be breaking the law in Michigan having more than two housholds gather, but few people overall.

Matthew Stafford’s wife went on an Instagram rant I see — about being sick of living under a dictator here in Michigan — and of course got pounded and had to apologize. Why do you apologize ever. Nuts. She clearly meant it. And has a right to her opinion.

But everyone will be tested who is arriving.

But fasting today. Health report soon. Will see how things go this week, but possibly next week for details.

Pray, meditate, pace yourself, all you USA folks.

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