Carnivore Dreams – SHUT UP

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When my father is gone, the first thing I’m going to do is get rid of sports. There is NO area of our lives these people won’t make political. There is NO REST from it. I’m so sick of it I could SCREAM.

Every damn week, they are going on about it when black people dominate football and are paid millions of dollars to play it and coach it and announce it. God, get a damn life. The same with Hollywood. This system has allowed these people the PRIVALEGE of a national platform to drive us all fucking nuts. MONETARY PRIVALEGE. AND FAME.

They are controlling speech and pretty soon it will be THEIR speech that’s censored. That’s how these things work.

And if you don’t see it all exactly like they do, they’ll cancel you anyway. SO anyone who might disagree with them wouldn’t dare say it on tv anymore–they are paying for it.

But Dad has a short time here and he loves his Lions.

So obviously you can turn off the computer if you want to, and I do that for stretches, and I control what I see on it, and I shortly will turn off the tv on weekends. They can keep doing this idiot crap because they have a right to–and I have a right to turn them off.

Oh, and P.S.!! I’ll have a lot more sympathy for these idiots when I see THEM give up all their income and give it to the poor like they want everybody ELSE to do. You don’t need all that money. Spread it around. And I mean to the point of no more than the average person. Let’s see Joe fucking Biden give up two of his damn houses and give back all that money he and his son raked off foreign countries. Same with Bernie Sanders and the rest of these power hungry phonies.

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