Carnivore Dreams – Missing

I tried to schedule a post for today last night. It showed up that I had posted it immediately (which I hadn’t), but it seems to not be on my site and not in my drafts or scheduled areas. Very strange.

Today another fast day. A few extra of those since so much holiday eating upcoming. I’m planning to stay to keto with some wine/rum drinks and a few veggies, but still, it will be a bit more eating, I suspect.

I still haven’t updated my one year catch-up with the Carnivore site. Mostly because I don’t have time to mess with pictures, etc., and will likely put it off until early next week.

Also missing:

— any kind of fair and honest journalism in this country. Just report the damn news and don’t slant it. Fox during the day has gone crazy. To call AZ so early when it was clearly going to be too close to call. WTF? Refusing to call FL and TX early in contrast, which formed a narrative. On purpose. To call the election instead of just reporting what everyone is doing right now, is outrageous. Or at least they should refer to Biden as the “apparent” President Elect. To characterize Trump’s challenges of obvious fraud and real evidence (enough to change the election — not sure — a dump of 130K votes for Biden only in Michigan is something that needs to be explained among all kinds of other irregularities).

But here is the point. I am a writer and have taken journalism classes several times through the years. For FOUR years, all networks (even Fox) allowed Democrats to come on tv daily and claim Trump committed treason, stole an election with the help of Vladimir Putin, to let them illegitemize HIS presidency and “threaten our democracy” — all with NO evidence. They are responsible for the extent of the divide in this country. They never provided it, but they were allowed to assert it. Over and over and over again. On most channels, it was presented as FACT with no evidence. Even the hosts accused Donald Trump with NO evidence. NONE. Which turned out to be not true, and they never even apologized. Not only was it not true, but it comes out that they illegally obtained FISA warrants to spy on his compaign–only one guy goes to jail so far.

But Trump cannot for a month, challenge these results with far far far more evidence than Democrats ever had. And for Fox to be behaving like this without just presenting the facts, letting it play out, and letting US decide is unconscionable. That is why they are losing viewers in droves.

It appears that “populism” doesn’t pay. Huge advertisers, globalists were pulling out of Fox programming (see how they do with no audience share). Should be interesting. Especially since Donald Trump himself drove all news ratings. This ought to be great.

Whether Sidney Powell is correct and there is a huge global conspiracy here (and while she should prove it soon — it is not beyond ALL credibility — she has said some wild things without providing proof, like accusing Brian Kemp — causing, I imagine, Trump campaign to be a little distance there — the plot is unfortunately too possible and not just a plot in a movie — Dominion STILL has ties to Venezuela — someone there still owns intellectual property to its company. Look it up. You can even find articles from Huffington Post and New York Times a bit ago about this, total progressive rags. It was developed there, and of course if there is fraud here, there is fraud in many other countries around the world. Not something these people want to get into. These machines are ONLINE after they assured us they were NOT. If you can move votes from one candidiate to another by MISTAKE, as they claim happened in my own county, Antrim in Michigan, you sure as hell can do it on purpose. Right? Even if Dominion had nothing to do with it. If this was reversed (and BTW there are letters from all kinds of Democrats expressing concern over this company — now MIA –and Texas refused to use it due to its propensity for fraud), you can bet your life these Democrats would be on every conspiracy theory out there like they were for four years- -all backed up by the press.

This behavior by most news outlets combined with enemy “lists” of Trump staffers and even VOTERS is what is concerning over all the rest of the idiot things these socialist progressives are doing. There are articles being written by these crazies saying the real enemies are US — 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump. Never in my life have I heard rhetoric like this.

Beyond the irresponsible behavior of this press, one obvious question arises. WHY are we not using all paper ballots like Canada, with one counter from every party counting every vote. NOT machines online or people not allowed to watch procedures. This mail in voting thing is ridiculous. And if they want people to accept these elections, they better start getting real here. ID is required, signatures need checking, dead people can’t vote (I know some of these idiot Democrats think they have rights), and neither can illegal aliens – duh -and these machines cannot be online. They shouldn’t be used at all.

This is not rocket science.

Meantime, most of us have moved to Newsmax or OAN I think it is, so we can hear all the news and make up our minds. They are not running with conspiracy theories–they are simply reporting what all is going on. They aren’t polished and fancy like Fox because they don’t have the budget yet. But they are doing a good job. They don’t have many Democrats on yet like Fox does (Fox has more Democrats than Republicans these days), but there is no shortage of getting their opinions every time you open a computer or get a look at Fox to get that.

But this is just unconsionable. It has to do with Murdoch’s kid being a liberal and people on the board like never-Trumper Paul Ryan. And I imagine globalist advertisers. It also appears George Soros has something to do with this as it isn’t allowed to discuss him on Fox anymore.

So we are in the midst of Brave New World if not 1984.

This is not America anymore. As Tucker Carlson says, we do not live in a free country anymore.

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