Carnivore Dreams – Dominion

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I love it. And they really think we are stupid enough to buy this. Dominion says this Antrim County error was not a software error, it was human error, that 3,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden by human error. Which accounts for a 6,000 vote swing.

So, it can be done by “mistake” but not on purpose. And of course NONE of these Democrats who knew this was possible would EVER do such a thing. They have such a history of honest elections.

Excuse me if I don’t believe them. And we have yet to hear what “human” error caused it in Antrim County anyway. Where I live by the way.

And look at the mess Georgia is in. WI broke all the rules and suddenly went from something like 40,000 incapacitated people who didn’t have to verify identity to 275,000 or something ludicous. And a whole bunch of these were not “requested” ballots officially, which is illegal in WI. All unidentified. And Trump only lost there by 20,000 votes. Right. Just sign off on all this.

We need paper ballots, voter ID, votes must be counted and FINISHED on election day, so early voting and absentee must be done ahead like in Florida. Two or three counters/watchers or however many representing parties watch this counting. Like Canada. Nobody can ever be excluded or kept from watching like happened in Michigan and other places.

This cannot go on and if it’s allowed to, they will steal Georgia. And the United States forever.

And this media just declaring things is ridiculous. They think they can just lie about anything — laptop is Russia disinformation–Trump is a Russian asset–all with no evidence –and if they all say this enough times, people will give up and believe it. I’ve never seen anything like this. Like in 1984 when Big Brother tells Winstons 4 fingers are 5 when he can plainly see 4. Get ready for the torture machines if you don’t agree.

This election was a sham. But Trump has every right to look at this. They have real evidence to be examined and that is legitimate and no matter how many times the media declares otherwise, without even bothering to investigate it — we can still see four fingers when we see them. And we are a pretty big group to put on their “list.”

We do not CARE who won, but this election was a horrible mess, and this cannot continue to go on. If it does, we have lost America. We already know that Kennedy stole his election, common knowledge. Dead people voted. Is this how we want to keep doing this??

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