Carnivore Dreams – Enemies List

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I’m sure I’ll be on it.

I had been published by Wayne State University in Michigan. Linked story collection, literary fiction. I sent, and they were eager to see, my new memoir/woodfire cookbook. Until they found out I was a libertarian on my facebook page. Unfriended me, excommunicated me, and refused to even give me a formal rejection by phone or email. Nothing.

Similar treatment Northern. When I was an adjunct professor at Northern Michigan University, I stuck up for the university president’s memo which stated he wouldn’t take a political position. This was just after Trump had been inaugerated and made his first travel ban. The president asked me to attend a meeting where they were attacking him, but later decided there was no up side to even letting them carry on at him.

I taught in the English Dept., creative writing, mostly freshman and sophomore English.

The attack on me was breathtaking. Just for being neutral. Public emails went around saying it was too bad I was a teacher and that I was an anti-intellectual. Much more vitriol than this. When my son was diagnozed with testicular cancer, I didn’t get a self evaluation in on time –I was downstate with him at Karmanos hospital. I had worked at Northern for 9 years, but they didn’t tell me this would mean I’d lose my seniority and thus my job. Since I care for my dad full time now and knew that was upon me, I didn’t much care.

I’ll make another post about the curriculum since it’s too long, but let me just say there is little room for freedom of expression. Not in the grad classes I took. We made a big mistake by ignoring this and the influence of Hollywood, liberal media. Now they control Big Tech and most forms of communication.

I hear WordPress is censoring people and may have to leave here. I’ve already left Facebook and never twittered.

As a writer, I’m shocked and terrified at what has happened to the media and this censorship. Even a few liberals like journalist Matt Taibbi, literary writer Margaret Atwood, J. K. Rowling, are speaking up.

We must not be silent anymore unless we want to live in 1984, Brave New World, or Animal Farm.

This is how liberals USED to write.

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