Carnivore Dreams – Ponder This

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Some odd things that happened here that are kind of under the radar. Some of which discussed on Josh Phillip’s nightly podcast live deal.

-Trump signed an executive order in 2018 that enables them to quickly arrest and punish foreign actors or those that work with them for election interfering.

-The military may have seized that computer in Germany (just because they say it didn’t happen –right, just like Biden’s computer is Russia disinformation). Trump’s campaign said they did, not just Sidney Powell. Computer most possibly was not being run by Germany or Spain which would make it hard to seize, but by the CIA.

-Obstruction of justice has never been tried out against the executive branch — has been utilized with the judicial or legislative branch. Rumored Trump has pondered exploring this after this full time coup attempt against him.

-Trump won’t let CIA director Gina Haspel sit in on his morning briefings — (this may be the most signicant). Why would he do that? She always seemed pretty up and up, but he may have still worried about leaks.

-The morning after they supposedly seized this computer, Obamas group and a whole group of leftists like Oprah, simultaneously turned their profile pictures to black and white. Josh thinks that is odd. All at once. Hmm. Some kind of symbol or something. No explanation for it. I guess this must be on Twitter. Seems you’d say why.

-Trump fired the head of cybersecurity, but that could have just been because he said these were the most secure elections ever. What??

He replaced someone else I can’t think which makes some of this seem more strategic than petulant.

And besides excluding Haspel, one would think Trump had to think this was going to happen for a long time and would have taken SOME kind of measures we don’t yet know. Some kind of trap? But we’ll see.

As Josh says, all could be coincidences.

But Trump isn’t done, I suspect.

Interesting things to ponder.

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