Carnivore Dreams – Day Nine

Photo by Ella Olsson on

Holiday dinners really post bigger problems for people who eat low – fat than a carnivore or keto person. Turkey, ham, roasts of all kinds are fine, a few veggies, gravy, shrimp. Always plenty of things around. For keto folks, a few nuts, keto pumpkin pie or cheesecake. All allowable.

I’ve lost a few pounds so am feeling better physically.

Wish everyone a great weekend. I’m off to make pumpkin pies, cranberry apples sauce (I won’t be eating), and chili for the game tomorrow. Lions better do better than last week. Awful game.

Our folks are all quarantining and have been tested to boot, so we think we are good even if we are breaking the dictator’s rules.

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate.

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